PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes

But they said it was supposed to come out last week?

25MB - downloading 9999 hours, coz speed is 0, restarted steam - still 0kbps

Really?! You guys had to mess with whitelisting? No one can connect now because it doesn’t seem to be accepting SteamIDs.

Are you really gonna make server owners manually replace all the SteamIDs to whatever it is you decided to use now? Really!?


@Jingui while waiting … PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes

I’m aware of the work around but this a lot of effin work for things we never asked for! We should not have to do this at all and Funcom needs to be told.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t be so sure about that one.

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How to config age column on dedicated server?
This column show 0 on my servers

Somehow 24 MB only on update, but steam is not able to download… stucked on 30% for 20 min now…

I did a quick game load test. I observed the following:

  1. NVIDIA cutscene frooze then jumped to the Conan cutscene. It might have frooze because I typically try to skip them.
  2. Server list loaded a lot faster and without the ???.
  3. One of my Favorite servers had 773 for age while the others were 0. All my favorites are official servers with one modded server.
  4. No issue loading into game.
    Hope this helps.

And now my g-portal hosted server is offering up fatal errors and keeps rebooting itself.
Great going, funcom. Does internal testing mean nothing to you guys?

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Who’s bright idea was it to go with Epic Games Launcher? If it wasn’t for this change, you wouldn’t need to change your whitelisting. -.-

You could have at least made the servers public so admins could have reconfigured them to a password and removed whitelisting. Seeing as we can’t connect due to the network errors.

“LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed
LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed
LogNet:Warning: Pong to +++.+++.+++.+++:+++++ failed”

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Anyone else getting really long single player load times?

Fixed an issue in regards to increased ping. Yeah for sure all is good now…

i took pic just now…good job :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tested the game load again. This time, I made sure I didn’t try to skip the cutscenes. All of them worked with no issue.
Again, one of my favorite servers had an age of 773 while the others did not.
Request the server name to be returned to the game’s main menu as well as the server’s time zone. Since Battlemetrics no longer works, I have no idea which time zones the American servers are on.
Thank you.

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So I just hopped in to check on things — was at my base. ran outside…UE4 Crash…restarted…I spawed in the desert start spot, not my base! removed bracelet, spawned at bed, and none of my stuff is anywhere…
What the Hell?!

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I have a rented g-portal server, too. It runs and I’m able to log in and play. So it is not a generally problem.
Check your log files and your mods.

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This happen with no players too.

Oh and I’m on an official server, no mods, etc.

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multihome is still broken and need to be run on primary ip of a dedicated server, can this please be fixed asap?

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Adding Funcom ID to my Whitelist.txt on my server seems to have no effect.

Is there some new method for whitelisting I am not aware of?