PC Hotfix (27.03.2019) - UI bugs and XP fixes

Any information on a hotfix?

I know and this is why I am asking for some information.
The private modded server I am playing on has crashes on almost a regular basis.
Also stuck in infinite loading screen as the server seems to be stuck in some way.

Turning off the purges seemed to stop the crashes on our private server!

Private Rented-Server-Modded: PC : Perfect! Thanks for the patch.
Server update Flawless.
Local update and loading was slower (obviously).

Little or no lagging in spite of some large base-builds. One crash when Admin-porting between locations (not unexpected) . All bases, including some older ones, showing correct player/clan names

Some initial bits of lagginess (as the server hadn’t had it’s coffee), but move about a bit and all lagginess gone.

I imagine, depending on where servers are hosted, network speeds and volume of players and the size of builds , some performance issues are to be expected.

Thanks to Devs. @Tascha

There are plenty of server out there with the “Server freezes after a few minutes” problem.
(Private rented, modded, at least another 8 of them without mentioning it here)

Would be nice to hear if this is an official issue and you guys are taking care of it or if the owners of private servers are on their own.

Everything was fine for 3 hours, now the official server has disconnected again. Most likely again DDoS

This sounds interesting!
At least wont work in terms of crashing solo games.

1 hour with 5 people logged in, instead of 10 minutes with 2 people. Helped a bit to deactivate the purge, but didn’t fix the problem.

HUGE problems all afternoon on our private server, players connecting then kicked out repeatedly.
My Discord is on overload with players venting.

EDIT: One hour ago, I checked for updates again, and had a small server update come in, validated all files, cleaned the DB again, for the past hours we’ve had 10+ players online and no issues. Players all reporting buildings have spawned in ok and no crashes so far.


What’s happening again? Hot Fix or Or setting new bugs? After the update some black ice foundations are disappearing every time the server crashes. Server South America 1998. !

It is very hard farmming this tier 3 stuff and lose for new bugs. The gameplay of this game is getting worse and worse.

Every time they fix up they cause a new problem.

It’s not fun staying with this. What will you do to solve this one more?

I also have the same problem after this patch. several crashes that tell me I have a corrupt .pak file. Every time I have to check the integrity of the game files. Then everything goes.

Always after this patch I happen to have the character that fails to lower / raise the aim. That is, the viewfinder moves, but the animation and the target system do not.
Thus it is impossible to fight against spiders, crocodiles and all the low creatures.
Use a bow is almost impossible if you have to aim downwards.
Restarting the game several times the problem settles … strange and absurd.


Hey there,

We released a hotfix tonight server-side that should’ve addressed the connectivity problems you reported.
Please let us know if these issues persist.


Hello i am playing on the "Official server#1045 PVE and the same bug occoured about 10 minutes ago.
Runnung around the map at B7/B6 and suddenly the stamina won’t regen anymore. Hostile Npc’s that are in range are ignoring me and new npc won’t load in. Buildings appear only partly and i can’t interact with any chest, door or workbench whatsoever. Can’t drink or eat anything and do not take any damage from falling, can’t drown. Only thing that is draining stamina is evading or rolling but if the stamina is depleted at one point it will not get back up.
If i spawn somewhere else there is not problem, for now, but if i try going back to the location to gather my loot after dying, the desync starts again and any sort of playing is impossible. The only thing that seems to work is the chat.
If i die and respawn at my bedroll on the other side of the map and THEN do a relog it seems to be fine for the region. But B7/B6 is a deadzone for me.

Welcome and thanks for the information. Do you know if there is a lot of building or inhabitation within B6, specifically around Rhinohorn Ridge or the other ridge opposite, in the southwest section of B6?

So there is a medium sized base of our “Clan” about 40 foundations wide, 20 foundations lenght and 5 walls high with crafting stations, guards, thralls and some pets near the obelisk in B7. Some small buildings like 5*5 with some wheels of pain are scattered around the city for farming thralls from all kinds of clans.
As far as i know there is another medium sized base a bit south of Kael’s Stronghold.

The last time i have been to the southwest section of B6 there has been no base at all and i don’t think that changed in the last 48 hours. Sadly i can not confirm this, because i can not enter this section of the map and if try to the structures build by players will not load in.

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Every time after you roll out an update, servers die. Floating doors, walls, animals not loading, teleporting after relog, E button not working for opening or whatsoever. You should really fix this already


I purpose this update doesn’t fix the multiple spawn bug of npc’s in the same area ?

( désolé si je pose au passage la question, mais il me semble avoir compris que cette Mise à jour ne corrigeait qu’un soucis mineur chez les pnjs )

I did not see it in the patch notes, but have yet to look for it in game. Playing online for now, and it seems to only affect solo play. For me, online is a PVE private server in someone else’s home.

I’ve also seen more than a few posts about the wolves in New Asagarth, someone even estimated 50 of them, but that’s hard to count when dead :wink:

In my solo games earlier, I just learned to be careful and expect it. Eventually I came to appreciate the extra XP.

Have a nearby place to climb or swim and you should be OK if overwhelmed.

According to the link below, it has been fixed internally, but not patched to live yet.

Best of game


Is there an ETA on fixing the bug where you can refresh the decay timer of structure that does not belong to you? I’ve yet to see it even be acknowledge by Funcom and it is a big issue on the official servers, making it so that the destruction of non-used structures cannot be destroyed or succumb to decay as intended. Thus, these structures are lagging the official servers.

Server: Official server #1104 PvP
Type: Bug
Region: EU

Description: Merchent “Shawna the Strange” in the Den, which you can buy Rocknose eggs from has different voices for several lines or maybe the same voiceactor but with differently pitched records.