PC Hotfix (04.03.2019)

Greetings and salutations you beautiful creatures!

We have a new hotfix out for the PC version of Conan Exiles to take care of some lingering issues after the most recent patch.

Thank you again to everyone who helped us out with reporting these bugs and issues.



  • Fixed a server crash relating to RCON


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to walk underwater
  • Fixed a duplication exploit


  • Fixed an issue where wedge foundations could not be placed on top of wedge ceilings of certain materials
  • Weapon racks should no longer self-destruct on server restart
  • Placeables should no longer lose stability upon server restart
  • Placeables should again show owner info


  • Purges have learned how to dress properly. This was fixed but an Unfortunate Turn Of Events reverted the fix previously.


  • The Undead bosses in the Unnamed city now use Star Metal weapons (with the exception of the Wight boss)


  • The hunger system should not make thralls die anymore


  • The Horizontal Elevator platform should no longer disappear and spawn in the center of the map after the someone walks out of rendering distance. Get out of here, elevator - you’re drunk.
  • It should no longer be possible to lure NPCs into water and immobilize them
  • Repair kits now work as intended again
  • Standing on the Greater Wheel of pain should no longer be desynchronized between the server and client
  • Greater Wheel of Pain thralls should again be visible
  • Thralls and pets no longer start decaying after you create a new clan


  • Dismantling bench now has the correct side-bar graphics
  • Recipes are no longer added to inventory when a crafting bench is picked up
  • Recommended Servers are now shown on top of the server browser list

Oh, I’m more and more pleased and grateful to you for this patch. Corrected triangular ceilings, hooray! Thanks!!! :partying_face::partying_face:


Nice and prompt, and looks like several high-urgency issues were prioritized. Much appreciated!


But…but it’s only been 1 bottle! …[insert high percentage stuff of choice]? :joy:


Trebuchets not rotating after this fix.

Any fix for the spear 4th attack exploit soon?

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Quick fix on the weapon repair kits. My armor repair kits aren’t working though(silent legion armor is about to break :frowning: .), and is the sword of krom supposed to take all of your stamina in one swing? If so that kind of makes it a crappy item. You guys have really did an outstanding job on this game though, coiming from someone who has played since alpha, the game has come a LONG way. keep up the awesome work!

It is supposed to drain ur stam in one hit, but if you give it to a thrall it’s awesome!


yeah I was thinking that too, thanks!

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I have the same issue. Tried with multiple Trebuchets : (


The patch will have been installed to Officials hours ago mate. Did you update your client?

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That feeling…

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And i think the idea is for PVE / PVE-C, it is more of a collectors item and RP. But put it in the hands of a thrall on PVP,and stam doesn’t matter.

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Ohhhh man! I got shivery flashbacks to May when I strutted into Set City with a bodyguard. Swam in the pools, got nekkid. All during an Alpha-Beta war. Are thralls getting great again? :smiley:

So far, no issues with the new fix on Official servers, but the stacking is not working at least on Co-op for me. Is there something wrong?

The bark removed from shaped wood and put on lvl 57 carpentry bench as a recipe is kinda harsh. I’m sure I will need bark in higher quantities before lvl 57.

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Pick axe to the dry woods in desert

Thanks for the fast patch @Jens_Erik @Tascha - and all bases showing ownerships as expected. I note that the new NPCs are still handing my max-character his #### so that’s a thing - though I suspect not on anyone else’s worry-list :slight_smile:
Thanks again to all of you for the fast and expansive turnaround. Much appreciated. The new stuff adds a ton more to the game.