PC Hotfix (22.06.2018) - DLC and Exploit Fixes

Dear exiles,

We are deploying a quick hotfix for the PC version of Conan Exiles at 5pm CEST. This adds some crash, freeze and bug fixes.



The Imperial East Pack is now available for purchase. It includes the following items:

  • 3 new armor sets – Khitan Mercenary Armor (Light), Khitan Officer Armor (Medium) and Khitan Imperial Armor (Heavy). These armor sets are available from level 10, with an epic version at level 60 (requires epic tier materials to craft)

  • 9 new weapons with Khitai themed visuals. These will be available as iron tier and star metal tier visuals and will have appropriate stats for those levels (and require level appropriate materials to craft)

  • 25 new placeables in Khitan style. These include new carpets, tables, braziers, lanterns, chairs, screens, drums etc

  • 5 new decorative warpaints in Khitan style

  • A new set of Tier 3 building pieces in the Khitan style


Fixes and changes

  • Fixed a server freeze issue
  • Thralls on religious altars should no longer disappear when upgrading the altar
  • Added DLC panel in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue where placeables could be placed inside each other
  • Fixed a bug where certain building pieces could be placed inside each other
  • Fixed a client crash related to the chat window

ETA for 500+ patch?


Any Eta for the 500 fix patch?


the hotfix has nearly 500 mb in size.

i thought due to the large size of the update , that fixes were coming and as a token of my appreciation i went and bought the DLC, got tricked… as they did all this before saying anything, well, i paid for the DLC and i got no fixes… obviously they want to milk the game before it gets empty…

btw PURGES are not working again, none on the server has gotten one in 4 days…

and i went to testlive, and there is NO ONE playing the testlive servers… so… got screwed with so little) …


Fix the dregs dungeon the boss dont want to jump for enemies that are close to it just stands and shoot acid also speaks after defeat its immersion ruining + pls fix the buggs dont make content till its finished bow doesnt work at all also fp mod…

How come the price of the DLC is $9.99 in america which works out at £7.53 but you are charging Uk players £8.99 which is about $11.92

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EDIT : i know why nothing xD

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I didn’t noticed a change in cpu useage, but the memory consumption has increased from about 9 GB to over 12 GB on my dedicated server. However, i didn’t noticed a change in fps on player side.

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Seriously? @Jens_Erik, PLEASE get Funcom to STOP PATCHING ON FRIDAYS… Did they learn nothing? Patch on Friday, now mods likely out of whack, so instead of playing, a bunch of folks have to blow time getting things to work instead of playing. :frowning:

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Can you please fix the " you are over encumbered" dialog. Its quite annoying to be notified every 2 seconds of the fact, especially when I mainly play with an encumbrance spec with momentum. Its worse when sorting items in my numerous chests, crafting benches, crates, and vaults. The dialog blocks the first row of items, every 2 seconds. It could be as simple as moving message as not to block the most used areas of the screen. I can’t see how this would be a major undertaking to fix. I like the game as a whole but too many small issues overlooked or not addressed will only make players quit the game. It makes more since to fix the numerous small issues first. This is one of the smallest.


Why does the ps4 version have better stats on khitan weapons that the pc version? PC version stats are TERRIBLE!!!

PC Hotfix (22.06.2018) - DLC and Exploit Fixes

Exploits?! Is this just random title?!

Please funcom, stop doing any optimizations, each time you did optimizations, game performance got worse.

Console performance optimizations with combat update - I got stuters across whole map, still not fixed
Shadows optimizations - Shadows quality reduced significantly while performance remained the same

Server optimizations - I remember having amazing base loading at some point, now we need to wait almost same amount of time as in versions before combat update

GUI optimization from last patch - I have freeze’s most of the time when game wants to display loot.

Dying is also causing 8-10 seconds freeze, making it impossible to choose your spawn point most of the time (probably because of GUI optimizations, that window was always more demanding than game it was probably bugged before it was optimized)

Game loading - I remember getting into the server in like 2 seconds (because game utilized all cores for loading), now we need to wait like 30s-1m and we also have 10 seconds freeze on game startup… Almost as bad as in pre-combat updates


Why do the base level Khitan armors require gold dust for the medium and heavy armors but not the light? And for that matter why do any of them require gold dust AT ALL considering it would be almost impossible for someone at level 10 to get. I have a hard time believing this is intentional.


Khitan lamps embed themselves in the ground and are impossible to place.

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All 52 of my fish traps have gone missing as of the moment this patch went live. Nothing in event log and NO MODS. Its a private server(PVP) with decay ON. Both of which would show a decay event or a destroyed event. I also clear the traps daily.

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Hardened Steel bow and Hardened steel arrows does exactly the same damage as Star Metal Bow and Star Metal arrows. Think this should be looked at, there is absolutely no reason now to craft star metal bows/arrows if the hardened steel counterparts does exactly the same damage

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You should compare weapons a bit more and you will find some other interesting things

Natasha pointed out that weapon balance isn’t complete yet because they are waiting for more input. Hopefully, the team can do a balance pass sooner rather than later but right now things are going to stay a little wonky.