PS4 Hotfix (27.03.2019) - UI bugs and XP fixes

Hey folks!

There’s a new patch available for the PS4 version of Conan Exiles. This patch fixes several UI bugs and changes the crafting XP for the Blunted Javelins.



  • Fixed an exploit regarding infinite stamina


  • Crafting the Blunted Javelin would grant way too much XP - this has now been fixed


  • NPCs in the Player’s render distance should no longer spawn each time the Character dies
  • The Staff of Epitremeus now has correct stats. Epemitru…ep…epitremus… the Mitra staff.


  • Removed the redundant “PvP - Conflict” option from the Combat Mode dropdown menu
  • Server browsing sorting by MODE should no longer result in PvE-C servers being listed between two types of PvP servers
  • Improved the Server browsing Sort-By-Region functionality
  • Server browser - “Region” dropdown now has a Japan option
  • Fixed an issue where the direct connect text field would act strangely.
  • Server browser - “South America” text in the region tab should no longer be partially cut off
  • Fixed several issues affecting the use of controllers in menus
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect owner name of clan buildings would be displayed

Umm lol… When did consoles have mod support?


A mi me sigue saliendo sin propietario en todos los edificios míos y de otros jugadores.
I still leave without an owner in all my buildings and other players.

Still no fix for no owner?

The "No Owner’ bug is still not fixed on PS4


Is it still just visual for you guys and have access? Or did you actually lose ownership?

That is just heartbreaking if that is still the case - the ‘no owner’, and no name in the event log for people stealing your sht, is making PVP servers a griefers paradise. I get what PVP means, and the dangers such servers have, but not knowing who to hit, because you don’t know who did or what buildings they inhabit, is not what the developers could have wanted. The changes favor the griefer not the defenders.

If new players (something they, Funcom, surely want to get more of) were not already discouraged by legit PVP mechanics, these two new issues will surely drive them away even faster.


Hey there,

The “No owner” issue should only be visual after this patch and not affect anything else. Please let us know if you cannot access your stuff.

And how do you know who you are raiding? If only visually you can know, whose building it is.
It’s not about access to items.

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The no owner thing for pvp is awesome. No more mega tribes or alpha clans trying to regulate servers. Just pure chaos <3



You are being facetious, yes?

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This actually makes you scout others by stalking them to there base and I love it. Once you located it place a map marker. This may invite greifers but it works both ways. Scouts in a tribe is a much needed thing.

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The “no owner” bug was and still is jyst visual at this time. I’ve tested it already clan can access their own clan stuff. Non-clan members cannot access other clan containers/doors.

Sure, if you are online when they are. I don’t know about you but I cant play the game 24/7 - what would be a necessity to accomplish what you detailing.

There was no lack of ‘scouting’ prior to the ‘no owner’ bug - everyone still did so. Now, however, once you find a base, your map marker would read ‘Base that I have no idea who owns - could be a friendly clan or the griefers’

Again, if Funcom’s desire is to have newbs with yet another reason to flee their game, mission accomplished. If their goal was to have threats practically unknowable - check that box too.


I would counter that someone not know whose base it is actaully helps if someone is trying to grief you. especially a Alpha that is wipe happy on newer level 60’s. The solo guy would know his base, plus possibly any of their frineds base locations. But the Alpha, well it is a crap shoot now. and if the alpha starts wiping everyone, the attacked have 2 choices, get busy fighting back, or leave server. PVP is about Conflict. Conan lore is about conflict (reading a story now that starts with him depressed because he is king, and he would rather be on the batle field, than dealing with public image as king. I think the new way (even if part is a bug) is actually way more entertaining. The majority of players with an issue, are Alphas who got fat on dead servers, or mega tribes (multiple big clans who try to police the server into a PVE game). No more log in, see who dinged a useless base of theirs, stole a pet or 2, or got some fish, then ID all bases and wipe the little guys who maybe just got on server and hit level 60. They actually have to play and learn the servers community. Socialize alittle. Play teh public image thing better. If not, they suffer the consequences of spreading their empire to far out, like all empires do. the little people now have a tool to fight back against the Mega Tribes.

And i also think their will be more raids that are solely for theft. With the ID system we had before, you had to gear up and be prepared for retaliation. which meant when you hit someone, best case was to “leave no witnesses”. Which is to wipe them so they can’t hit you back. Now i can take 20-30 bombs, and loot some chests. If the player is away from base, or yes even offline, I can get some chests and see what the lottery gave me. If one does get caught, then, the fun begins for a slowly escalating war, where we have to scout for the bases when each other are on. Eventually one will try to wipe the other, but it will build to that.
Old ID system = Wipe or be wiped on Official PVP.
New System = Raid each other until it organically escalates to a full fledge war.

guess you guys need to start actually doing some bug fixes since your giving it away on ps plus now, i only keep this site bookmarked to see if their has been any serious fixes to the game i.e. no more walking through walls, i had high hopes for this game, was looking forward to buying all the dlc but i mean you cant even fix a simple crash/no clips problem i can see my faith was missplaced


The lipstick you are putting on this does not match the complection of the game.

Yes, PVP allows for ‘conflict’ but does not encourage it by design - there is no ‘kill thy neighbor’ journey. WIth how it is since the patch, you would have no idea if it was your best friend clan that hit you or someone new troll clan. That breeds distrust of any an all on a server. Again, if we could be on 24/7, I would have less of a problem with it - since people have lives, however, not having any idea who hit you totally favors the attacker - the griefer - the coward.

To be clear, I do not have a major problem with not knowing who stole something - if you dont want something taken, enclose it. My major issue is not knowing who owns what building and who may have destroyed property (structures, thralls, animals). If it is RP that you are worried about (accuracy to RL - you would not know if you were not there), work in some mechanic like a thrall got away to tell the tale of what happened (or some sht).

And you are correct, as an alpha tribe (we are and are of the ‘police’ ilk you described), you are left with the lone option of ‘destroy any and all bases you are not familiar with’ when trolls are causing trouble. How does that affect the newb we would have generally welcomed to the server - to the game itself? Who do they appeal to on the server to see what the deal is when they do not know who hit them? They going to say, ‘them the breaks, Ill try harder’… or… ‘fk this game, Im out’ ?

If you are for total anarchy - the new system is perfect for you. Just be prepared to be playing by yourself, with any clanmates that are not bored to tears from the lack of new players, under it. For Funcom, its a mystery to me why they would introduce a mechanic that would make the game even less approachable for new players.