[PS4] Crash hotfix (31.05.2018)

PS4 crash hotfix (31.05.2018)

We’ve deployed a hotfix to the PS4 version of Conan Exiles to address some reported crashes.

Parity Patch (29.05.2018)


Update: Warpaint and stamina glitch fixes were erroneously in the list of notes. We apologize for the miscommunication.

AFK Kicker

Players will be kicked after 30 mins of inactivity.

Server admins can use the following server settings for the AFK kicker:

  • KickAFKPercentage = 80 (integer value, between 0 and 100). The percentage controls how many players need to be logged on before the system starts to kick people. So if set to 80 then you need 32/40 players logged in before it will start to kick anybody. If set to 0, the system should be off.

  • KickAFKTime = 2700 (integer value, in seconds). 2700 is the amount of seconds of afk before a character is kicked, for example KickAFKTime=60 will kick people after 1 minute of afk

The Purge

  • Placeables should take same amount of damage as building pieces from players and NPCs
  • PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier server setting now uses per purge difficulty rather than server max purge value to calculate damage modifers. Previously a difficulty 1 purge could use the damage modifier for a purge difficulty 5 (20x instead of 5x) if max purge level was set to 5 on the server. Lower difficulty purges now deal less damage to buildings.
  • The server setting PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier can now be modified by server admins
  • New default values for “PurgeNPCBuildingDamageMultiplier = (5.0, 5.0, 10.0, 15.0, 20.0, 25.0)” where the 1st number and 6th number correspond to a difficulty 1 and 6 purge, respectively
  • Purge NPC damage modifier now based on strength of purge instead of purge max difficulty setting
  • Purge NPCs now do correct amount of damage to placeables (previously too low)

Healing Rebalance

  • Reduced the effect of the Receptive perk (Vitality 40) from +100% healing to +25% healing
  • Healing potions now take 10s to heal, increased from 5s. Total healing remains the same
  • Regeneration from healing potions now breaks on taking damage
  • Bandage healing does not break on damage and removes bleeds and cripples at the end of the effect
  • Bandage healing now breaks on movement
  • Bleeds now stack up to 20 times and lasts for 20s. Up from 10 stacks and 10 seconds. Bleed damage scaling per stack reduced
  • Removed drop from Grey Lotus Potion that overrode healing
  • Removed over-the-top healing values from the Grey Lotus Potion that overrode healing

General Balance and QoL Adjustments

  • Rebalanced the Mitra spear and Acheronian sickle
  • Slightly increased blocked rebound time for 2h spear heavy attacks
  • Slightly reduced blocker confirm time for 2h spear heavy attacks
  • Cripple effects for melee weapons have been reduced in efficiency
  • Lowered the damage of the sickles
  • Fixed issue where poison stacks could increase as it was ticking (caused by the weapon being listed as the “damage causer”, which could still be poisoned)
  • Also fixes issue where poison was affected by armor penetration of the weapon that caused it
  • Fixed a problem with target lock which would sometimes move the camera behind the player character, making it difficult to see the target
  • Max elevation at which you can place buildings is now 600 meters across the map. This fixes some building exploits in the volcano area (and should not impact players unless they are reenacting “Jack and the Beanstalk” story)
  • Added support for force-checking .pak files after a major game update
  • Player thralls now follow same rules as buildings for taking damage from players. Both PvE and PvE-Conflict servers will have invincible thralls.
  • Fixed balance issues related to stacking of reaper and scorpion poison
  • Reduced the max amount of death map markers to 3, to match the amount of max corpses you can have active at the same time
  • New Funcom logo video at startup
  • Players now do correct amount of damage to placeables (previously too high)
  • Balance pass on amount of experience player gains from exploration


  • Fixed a player collision problem when logging into a server with the setting active to leave offline characters in the world
  • Removed unarmed attacks from human npcs and gave them stone daggers instead to avoid players being able to obtain and equip unarmed attacks which bug out their characters
  • Fixed a text cut-off issue with “take all” button
  • Thralls should no longer fall under the ground while being dragged in singleplayer/co-op
  • Thralls no longer damage their own base
  • Time restricted PvP building damage was preventing players from damaging each other
  • Fixed player owned Thralls could be killed outside of time-restricted PvP window
  • Fixed a problem with not being able to use unarmed attacks or kicks, along with unarmed fist items showing up in inventories.
  • Fixed some water and sand rendering artifacts
  • Fixed a problem with DB backups resulting in too few backups being stored
  • Vertical and diagonal support building pieces should now work correctly (Previous fix was missing a data change)
  • Fixing another issue where pillars and other socketless connection building pieces could fail to give proper stability. Please report any issues you still encounter with missing building pieces.
  • New fix for “no owner” displayed on building and placeables.
  • Exploit fix: Fixed a visual and stats issue when selecting multiple weapons at the same time
  • Jaguars should no longer defy gravity
  • Fixed an issue that would make players invisible during attacks or rolls when they were on buildings
  • NPCs should now respawn after their former selves have been converted into a thrall
  • Admin teleport while a player is in character creation should no longer block character creation from finishing
  • Extra support to vertical and diagonal support building pieces has been reduced.
  • Localization fixes - text spills are now fixed for several item descriptions
  • Blunted Javelin no longer does concussion damage in melee (only throwing)
  • Elixirs and some other buffs no longer get cancelled as if they were healing buffs
  • Fixed auto-lock and dodging sometimes happening on the spot
  • Fixed a problem where health went back to max after taking damage
  • Fixed a problem with equipped weapons not rendering for other players
  • Fixed a problem with cloning thralls
  • Fixed a crash related to static placeables (which should improve stability in coop play)
  • Fixed a problem where using the radial menu on a controller would block Main Menu from opening

Crash Fixes and Optimizations

  • On singleplayer if you chain-crash 5 times while loading into the game then on 6th try you will be teleported to the desert
  • Fixed a crash related to making an item in a story-related altar
  • Fixed a server crash related to loading of clan logs
  • Fixed a crash related to double-clicking items in slots
  • Fix to make javelins have DM’s and not icons wrongly assigned, thus crashing the server
  • Fixed a crash related to removing items from slots
  • Fixed a crash related to accessing the purge on game shutdown
  • Fixed a crash related to modified damage from players and NPCs
  • Fixed a crash in the purge system for new players who don’t do anything to register any purge events
  • Fixed a server crash related to display racks.
  • Added a potential fix from Epic for “device lost” crashes
  • Fixed a crash caused by lootbags
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when building near destroyed placeables
  • Fixed a crash in the decay system
  • Fixed a crash in character creation

What about our Thralls equipping weapons?

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Any idea about the journey step to equip a piece of light armor?


Where is the text chat for consoles…jesus come on guys…


so pvp servers with building damage turned off or turned way down, not have thralls that unkillable? this doesn’t make sense

They server my brothers and I where playing on PvE 3753 was closed it is an official we spend a ton of time and there were active players on it why did i stay server was closed?

Does this patch allow us to build all the same items you can build on the pc version? Does this patch fix the rendering problems thus game has? Such as enemies being invisable and players bases not fully loading. I was able to loot a clans unlocked chest because there walls had not renendered allowing me to see and click on stuff inside the base.

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You can give thralls weapons, armor, etc. when you give them they will auto equip the weapon when use full i.e. bows or one handed with shield.

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Mine didnt the other day

Stam bug still present on Ps4.


That is odd. Sadly for some reason the official server i was on was closed for some reason of I would give you a step by step

No camera control? Or 3 rd person adjustment ??

Great stuff can’t wait to jump in and check it out,

Nice that there’s an Patch for an hour. However you forgot you have to update the servers aswell… .Needlessly to say the biggest issue still remains so many players get their internet shutdown when searching for a server… . I didn’t expected much but you didn’t even fixed that issue. That’s poor…


Awesome! Keep up the good work! :+1:

A se sujet la,toujours pas réparer le bug quand on est tué par un monstre pour retrouvé son corps on retrouve plus du tout ses objets car j’ai déco déco x2 et reco x2 mes objets sont toujours pas apparus que la 3emes fois en me deco et reco ma pierre tombale + mon corps avec objets ( 300 minerai de faire + 400+ de bois et caillou et autres ont disparus avec suis trop degouté)

Stam glitch still working!! And apparently thralls still fall through blocks, foundations, floors, ect.

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Yup, still a problem for me, even after thepatch. It loaded perfectly fine after installing it, went to my server un approx 15 secs… It doesn’t work anymore, internet crashed only to show me the usual “full server” w/ 9999 ping 5 minutes later :frowning:

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The stamina glitch where you turn your camera to face yourself still works. And warpaints still doesn’t work.

Explain how we can trust anything when you bold face lie to us?


The patch may have broken performer thralls. Mine are no longer performing – they are locked in combat stance. I am not gaining the thrall buff anymore either. But at least they are at full health :wink: