PS4 Hotfix (02.05.2019) - PS4 Pro performance fixes, crash fixes and more

Hey everybody,

We have a new hotfix for Conan Exiles with some performance improvements for PS4 Pro systems that should help with asset streaming delays, as well as several fixes for the most frequent crashes on PlayStation4. A couple Turan fixes and an exploit fix round up this hotfix.

As always, we welcome and appreciate your constructive feedback. Most of these fixes stem directly from your input.


  • Improved performance on PS4 Pro systems.
  • Several crash fixes.


  • Fixed an exploit regarding input spam.


  • Turanian Lamps no longer hover slightly above ground.
  • Turanian doors no longer leaves a ghost door in place for a short while after being dismantled.


  • Arrows can no longer be dismantled. Again. Bad bad arrows.


Trello Report Board

We have a public bug tracking board here! You can check this to track the issues that get brought up by the community the most. In the “For prioritization” column you can vote for the issues you would like us to prioritize and we will make sure it gets moved into development asap. You can read the full details on how it works on the forum post here.


Again… Can we have Mods on PS4 since you guys seem insistent on making sure we backup Mods before applying the patch… This leads me to believe that this is just a patch that’s come through from PC and isn’t PS4 specific… Copy paste from PC patch release

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Woops, fixed!

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If any ps4 pro users without an ssd could report thier experience with the patch throughout the day, you’d be appreciated! Can’t wait to get off work and try it. Been waiting for this day. :joy:


i installed a ssd just a few days ago. not worth it. it fixes some loading textures but theres still alot more thats broken and load times screens are still taking forever. not optimized what so ever

Thanks for the ssd experience. Figured they could only help so much so I’ve been holding out on getting one. Still have plenty of space on my hdd and ps5 will be here before too long so I’ll wait for that for better load times. Have you gotten a chance to try the game after this patch yet?

Not to be a wet blanket about this patch but it feels like the only thing fixed for PSPro users was sound lag, combat is still close to unplayable, with teleporting enemies and horrendous lag in combat, I’m playing on a normal HDD on the PS4 Pro, I’ll post more about it if it levels out etc but so far I don’t feel much difference.


not yet ill keep you posted tho. unless they have a sale on ssd id just hold out til ps5 tbh. its not remotely close to the leap you’d get on a PC for instant. i still get lag and stutter in the north even with the ssd, not as bad as with a hdd tho but not enough to justify spending 50++ bucks on a ssd

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Either he installed a lame ssd or something is wrong, because for me the ssd is well worth. I have a samsung 850 evo 1tb, and I’m way faster to load than my friend with the standard PS4 pro hdd. I’m talking about 2min faster on average, sometimes even more. Even npcs load faster.

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Hey @Manayggdras

Welcome to our community.
The patch addressed client-side performance, but the issues you’re reporting seem to be server-side problems. We’ll be deploying some server optimizations soon on consoles (they’ve been deployed on PC today).


Great to hear about the PS4 love. I don’t have a pro but any general fixes sound good to me.

Also looking forward to any ps4 server fixes too.

Hopefully things can only improve :smiley:

I don’t generally have issues except sometimes little hops or a little lag when fighting. But that seems to be more in prime time when I’m guessing my network and/or the official server is bottle-necked

How abput event log shows who destroyed your base?

So that’s it? No flying mode fix for singleplayer? This is probably a record for an issue never fixed since release. Congrats.


What about the God protection bug we just going keep letting it last forever?

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Little late to fix dismantling bench offical servers are full of t3 bases with thralls loaded with obsidan weapons. I know a few tribes personally that has been using the glitch for weeks lol. To the point where they are giving obsidian away like its iron lol i personally think an official server wipe would be the only way to fix this issue considering the fact that this exploit was done by 100s of people on all official servers…

i have a “good” ssd and it works 3x faster

Still having this issue after the update,its been over 2 weeks,how much longer till i can get some help
Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ | Bug | | Misc]
Region: [All]

This issue started over 14 days ago where no servers appear on the server list no matter what i do,things i tried:
Restart ps4/router
Using different internet connection/ps4 accounts
Reinstall the game
Check for new updates
All these were useless and didnt help,im getting desperate here,someone help me plz

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.choose any game mode whatsoever
2.after 10 min wait for servers to show up,you get slapped with"connection lost, you must be connected to playstation network in order to play…"
3.different server options dont change a thing
4.after selecting gamemode for a split second on top left under third box i think,it says"servers:0"

Can we pleassssssssssseeeeeeee get the God protection fixed all official servers might as well be pve conflict this is a major downfall in the game allowing enemies to just build up and build up make em farm for the bubble yo

The hell does dismantling arrows have to do with that? Lmao now arrows will just be thrown away, a pure waste. We’re at t3 after two weeks with two people not dismantling anything, every t3 alter and all. Dismantling was great once we hit endgame and no longer needed the junk. Now since people complain about dumb stuff, here we are. Get good