PS4 Hotfix (02.05.2019) - PS4 Pro performance fixes, crash fixes and more

Also, obsidian is easy AF to acquire, and it’s mostly complete junk compared to legendaries and most of the star metal tools. The only tool with higher gather is the obsidian sickle. So, I don’t get why people are crying? If this has to do with PvP then I am VERY disappointed in Funcom for removing a feature that endgame PVE players use to get rid of junk. Separate PvP adjustments away from PvE before you lose more fanbase Funcom. Wildcard is starting to do it for Ark so it can’t be that hard…


Also, if Funcom wipes ALL the servers over this dumb crap, the majority of the community will go with it. You sound like some scrublands dweller… Keep PVP and PVE separate!

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Don’t choose a game mode and just hit the skip button. Now go straight to searching the server number. You’re welcome

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Im sorry but i dont see a skip button :frowning:

When you have the options of PvP, pve conflict, and pve just hit Square, then go straight to searching your server number

I see skip button now but but then it gives me same thing with 0 servers,i have tried all the game modes and filters no servers appear at all.
Thanks for trying to help tho <3

Oh and don’t forget that it’s easy AF to farm Well of Skelos for obsidian weapons that can in turn be dismantled. Same goes for farming hardened steel, farm around the black keep for a bit and you’re set. Arrows had absolutely nothing to do with people’s progress and it’s just dumb to think it did. Endgame is easy once you’re there.

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Again, do not mess with anything but skipping the options screen and going straight to the search bar. Only search server number.

yeah nope :stuck_out_tongue: thats not how it works. its definitely better but not mind blowing and deffo not worth spending alot of money on.

flying works in SP just tested it out.

This is what it should look like, do not put a # or mess with any of the filters. Only search the number itself after hit skip. My server always pops up within 1-3 seconds since I discovered this.

I just tried that still hopeless for me

After 10 mins wait i get that error,i can play multiplayer fine on other games

Somethings off because it helps literally everyone with this issue. Try restarting the game and go back through the steps. Remember not to change any of the filters, not even once. If you change anything in the tabs above it will always give you that error. Start, skip play type screen, search bar. Hopefully it helps, if not I would start looking into your ISP

Yeah just followed what you said but no hope,and i have already tried using diff internet connections but same thing

You have no idea how much i appreciate you trying to help unline funcom’ i really appreciate it

So is funcrom just gonna leave the bubbles glitched for everyone?

No worries. I was in the same situation about two weeks ago with the error frustration but then I haven’t had an issue though since I’ve been doing those steps. Hopefully you get it figured out.

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Tired of clans having unlimited god protection taking the fun out conan cant even raid bases nomore because they have unlimited god protection

This is a major problem it needs to be fixed enought with the little updates fix the game already…

Lmfao i play pvp it really doesnt bother me if they do or not but obsidan weapons on thralls plus a bubble that never goes away is killing this game… Im in a tribe where both exploites are used on daily… When we first started we already knew bout glitch nd had 3 black ice fortress in a day nd then wiped enitre server… Nd nobody can do anything bout it cause are thralls have legendary nd obsidan weapons bubbles that never go away nd thats all because of 2 glitches… We have 30 vaults of comp obsidan 60 chest of star metal nd harden steel. 5 vaults of demon powder cause we were also able to glitch tar… More gas/water orbs then anyone needs… Plus 4 vaults of aloe extract nd 20 fridges full of aloe soup… This glitch has taken the fun/grind outta conan nd iv talked to tons of people from diffrent servers nd there all doing the same stuff we are… This glitch nd the fact that the game cant run on the pro has ruined this game… Nd it kills me to say that but you guys had somthing good but with all the glitches nd now this basiclly killed conan again nd its a disappointment… Nd thats coming from somone whos played since day one…

Again, obsidian and literally everything you just said you exploited to get is EASY AF to get legit. If you choose to use said exploits then you are part of the problem. Again, I don’t see how breaking down arrows is going to speed that process by a significant amount. Probably because it doesn’t. Again, going legit, from nothing, and we have literally everything you can get after two weeks, with just two people on separate work schedules. So, I don’t see your argument. The game in general is too easy after you acquire everything.