[OLD] PS4 Hotfix (16.05.2018)

Hey everyone!

We’ve released a quick hotfix for PS4, so the servers will be down for a short time while we patch. You can find the changes below:


  • Fixed several crashes
  • Fixed a bug where rented dedicated PS4 servers would not show up in the server browser
  • Freeze fixes

Sry, but the problem is not fixed after this ~5oomb Hot fix.
It dont work.
I lost many time my playstation network connection + lan connection when im starting to search server.
After a few trys it holds the connection and i can entern but its the same issue like bevor.
Provider is unitymedia.
Sry for my bad Englisch and…

… greetz from germany
Jens aka Rohleder


Thanks for fixing combat lag too, feels very responsive and smooth now also general performance is solid now, good job! (PS4Pro)


Sorry but for me it isn’t fixst. keep getting disconected en freeze

I have lesser connection failures. But I can not find our private server. At first this worked, but the server was shown as full.

My provider is Kabel Deutschland. But I tried it with my phone as a hotspot.
It would be great, if the problem would be fixed soon.


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hi there dev’s. really enjoying Conan on ps4. but on admin panel in single player I can’t get fly mode to work. is there a way to fly.

You fixed my issue finding servers now fix it so I can log on to one


Activating “Ghost” will also let you fly :slight_smile:


Never had any issues, now my private server keeps showing up full 10/10 players with 9999 ping. its password locked and G-portal shows steady 0 players etc.

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thank you so much :smiley:

Thank you you’re already better than Ark you got rid of that huge lag Spike on PS4 but my only problem is now combat it seems like some enemies are putting out more damage than they should I’m wearing high grade armor and still losing a lot of Health it’s like I’m not even wearing armor at all please fix.

fixed nothing…still can’t play and no servers show and crash. WTF it’s been a week. you stole my money for a broken POS game that you refuse to fix or give some info that you are looking into it and it’s just beyond your IQ to fix. last chance fellas. Just fix everyone game FFS.

I’m having the same issue with mine, first it wasn’t showing up, now it is, but says full with 9999 ping. Mine is password protected as well

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Still havent fixed the atlantean sword bug yet tho. Come on, get a move on. I really want this sword

When in a PS4 party chat, and attempting to join server, I continuously get a (You left the party due to a network error). I’m not the only one who is having this issue. It’s very frustrating, please fix this before you fix the Sprint Glitch. The Sprint Glitch isn’t gamebreaking.
(PS4 Pro)

“freeze fixes” lmao I froze 6 times logging into my character, after this patch, I never froze before, and then it spawn teleported me on top of a boss when it finally let me log in without freezing, but I was able to kill it in my panic, so your trolling failed, though it was a good attempt. Freeze fixes, lol.

Yes the game has bugs, yes it’s not perfect, but compared to other survival games this game is gold & going to get better. Be patient & all those bugs will be removed. Keep up the good work!


This game has been out a week with the only major bugs I’ve seen are in the newly implemented components

The connectivity bugs are more so gportal’s problem
ark experienced similar connectivity issues when they started renting servers

And to the haters try making a game sometime
I’d be excited to see your flawless mechanics and epic content


My brother and I have been playing since the launch on Ps4. We rented a private server, which stopped showing up on day 2. We switched to public PVE server 3505 and, aside from a giant lag spike every 10 minutes or so, didnt run into many issues. Today I logged on and almost died because I glitched through the floor. I was glitching through all man made buildings, so i restarted the game and even killed myself and retried. It hasnt worked since.
Every space between foundations, I fall through. I cant walk on any man made objects without falling through. I can walk through walls.

Our purge meter just filled up today. Is there any where this issue can be resolved beforehand? It is already going to be hard enough to fight the purge with lag, but if we cant even use our buildings?

Side note, the game is amazing and I simply wanted to get some insight, because I look forward to continuing to play!!!


If youre experiencing this just stay put for a while . I was having a similar issue. Then i noticed my purge meter was empty when it shouldnt be…once i waited a bit the purge meter showed back up and the lag glitch issue was fixed. After a couple days they hot fixed the issue,atleast for me.