PS4 Hotfix (06.06.2018)

PS4 Hotfix (06.06.2018) - 99073/18108

We’re rolling out an additional PS4 hotfix at 3pm CEST with some crash fixes and an improvement for the server list.

Some servers (private and official) will appear on the list with 9999 ping and full player slots. This isn’t because the server is down, it’s just because the server hasn’t been pinged by the game.

If your chosen server appears to be full, with 9999 ping, just wait a few minutes and the server will be pinged automatically. Then it should update with the correct ping and number of players and you can connect!

If the process takes too long it will time out. Ping will be listed as 9999, but it will show 0 players online. If that happens you can still connect to the server.

PS4 Hotfix (05.06.2018) - 98852/18085


Hey everyone! We’ve rolled out a new PS4 hotfix in to take care of some pressing issues. This fix should allow you to use warpaint again and make sure dodging works as intended.

  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get a notification when joining a full server
  • Fixed an issue where you would dodge on the spot when locked onto a target
  • It should now be possible to use Warpaint
  • Fixed an issue where players could give themselves infinite stamina while running towards the camera

servers not showing up , official

The server list currently takes a while to populate, which could be why the servers don’t appear immediately. They might also not all be done patching :slight_smile:


and its 488mb patch something in a game like this? nah never, plz give us a decent patch you are joking with us guys

Look, while every hotfix is welcome, it feels kinda wrong to fix a bug that actually give the player a little ease, while so many bugs stay unsolved that give us headaches, disadvantages and frustration.

Of course you can always choose to fix the bugs in any order you like, but in the light of the current bug-infested situation, this has bitter taste.

It’s a matter of style.

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No official servers showing up.

This is just a hotfix, meaning it will be a smaller patch. This build was something we were able to move out the door quickly, with a few fixes, compared to the bigger patches that take more time to stabilize.

The infinite stamina bug was one of the most requested bugs to fix.


What about “Equip a piece of Light Armor” journey step?


This will be fixed in a future patch.

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Not sure if anyone else has same issue, but after last patch I can’t lock on enemies and it makes combat suck really bad.

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Maybe you guys should start every patch note with “Servers will not be showing for a while due to the new patch being uploaded to them, stay calm they will come back soon”

Obviously some people are too thick to apply a brain cell to the situation.

On to bigger matters.
While it is nice to have dodge and war paint sorted. How about more pressing problems like not being able to chat to the server, not being able to search the crafting inventory, and other UI issues that seem to be missing completely from this version of the game in comparison to the PC like not being able to see the players on server, etc, etc.

Or how about the Motion Blur issue? Unable to turn it on/off (on by default but not showing as on in settings)?


I have managed to get it working Don’t know if it was because I switched to a PvE server?

I can lock on to enemies but the thing auto switches to targets further away that the one I am attacking allowing them to get a few cheap shots on me.

I have the same problem none of the official is showing up.can’t play if it’s not showing up.

DUDE Seriously they are patching them atm calm down and wait!

SERVERS STILL NOT SHOWING UP, can you give us an ETA? and not joke , tks

I’ve tried everything, unequipping everything and equipping one by one. It’s really annoying

Is the interserver is coming soon? And the new dlc map too?

We’re still in the process of patching the servers. Once we’re done they’ll show up.

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Very likely with PVP in mind, but it’s not all PVP and many bugs out there still plague everyone, solo, PVE or PVP.

For the first two groups, this is a mockery: Fighting against building inconsistencies, glitching animals, disappearing thralls and so forth, and the one thing that makes running around (reclubbing lost thralls, flee from glitchy bosses, this sort of stuff, you know…) a bit more easier is patched away.

Do you see my point?

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