PS4 Update (09.05.2018)

We pushed out an update today that fixed a server browser issue. Servers showed as invalid for a short while during the update, but should now be fully up again. If you updated your PS4 earlier, please check again now for another update. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience!


Dear Conan Exiles Team,
Since The Last Patch i can’t join or even find any servers. Yesterday it all worked fine. Everytime i’m trying to play online the PSN is breaking down and i get a message that i have no connection to the server (every other game is working fine). This is very frustating since the weekend is ahead of us.
My PSN Name is VendettaMS13
Hopefully you can help me

Best regards
Marco Schmid

Heya! Someone else mentioned that if they type “official” into the search bar the official servers start showing up for them. We’re currently looking into this in the meantime.

I found the topic that perfectly fits my issue. I have the exact Same problem like these countless other people
Topic: “Connection Bug when loading Server list”

I’ve had this problem for 2 days now. We need a fix. Day one the servers showed (even tho they were all full) now it crashes my whole psn/internet. I understand launch days and fully expect some minor bumps but not enough servers and now psn/internet breaking is unacceptable. please fix this quick. also I’m a US player in est time zone.

Anyone going to give an answer to psn/internet breaking issues MANY paying people are having.?

So what do if i can get anything to work