Connectivity Issues, June 11th

Hey all, we’re aware of some connectivity issues currently occurring on PS4 and looking into it. We’ll keep you all updated on this. Thank you very much for your patience!

Update (12:20pm EDT): Restoring connection on PS4 is our top priority and we’re working with Sony to have a patch verified and signed off on as soon as possible.

Update: (4pm EDT): We’ve received word that the patch to PS4 has passed testing. We’re waiting for confirmation from Sony before we can release the new client. Once it’s out we will update you all immediately

Update: (8:30pm EDT): Sony has informed us that there appears to be an error on their end and currently investigating. Will continue to update as we get info!

Update (13/06 @ 05:30PM CEST): We are still trying to resolve the PS4 connectivity issues together with Sony. We’re doing all that’s in our hands to get this situation fixed ASAP.
We have disabled decay on PS4 official servers and we apologize for the frustration this downtime is causing.

Update (14/06 @ 02:15PM CEST): We regret to inform we currently don’t expect a resolution for the PS4 connectivity issues until tomorrow. Sony has not been able to give us an ETA on when they’ll fix the issues preventing the update release.
We once again apologize for the frustration this outage has caused.


Would you know how long this problem will last? I don’t want to lose all my things I was out of my base


i was mid raid, blue screened and now none of my clan can get back in :sob:


starting to regret buying most of the dlc the other day


I just got DLC also. Ugh this is horrible…can’t believe this now I have regerts


It’s been three hours. I give up. Time to find something else to do.


All Conan Exiles servers are not on PlayStation Network tonight? What’s going on? Been trying since 8pm (est)

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Thanks for the heads up. Will the server timers be stalled so that nothing will be lost?


There is a connectivity issue that they are looking into. There has been no update.

Which dlc?

Getting the servers back up is one thing, but will we see any improvements on the “state of the Game” on PS4?

Incorrect level display on server search screen, Being stuck to the floor/Ground after load in unable to move, doors/workstations/Elevators not rendering or being accessible or randomly up and disappearing, resource nodes being unresponsive, rubber banding, people you play with on the same server experiencing day/night cycle or sandstorms when you don’t, inventory disappearing for 15/20 minutes and sometimes needing a re-log to show up again and at times completely unplayable… I can go on, submitted all these issues and then some with no response or solution.

All these issues and it’s still my favorite Game :frowning: when it’s firing on all cylinders it’s an amazing immersive experience unrivaled by all the Survival games I’ve played, sad reality guys, it’s never ran well even when the servers are up on PS4 over the last few Years, hit & Miss.

I own all the DLC as well but it’s been a complete tolerance test trying to enjoy it even before today, Please Funcom, when will we see a Patch fixing these issues? It’s been more than a Month now.


Its a very sad day


Thanks for the tip. I was just about to buy all the DLCs as one package but maybe not. If you’re looking for something else to do, Call of Duty WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II are currently available for download for FREE on that Playstation Network thing that funcom says I’m not connected to. Free is always good. I’m already downloading both games. The space on my hard drive quickly filling up.


This game is really good. They are working on the issue. Odds are it will require a small update of something of that nature, but I’ve been playing the game for years and it is well worth it.


I never had any problem until the official I play had a restart like 10-20 mins ago and now it says I’m not even connected to psn :joy: I wonder if we will get a similar game for ps5 that’s be pretty good

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4 1/2 hours now and not a peep.


Yeah been waiting too. Hope they fix it soon. I guess I’ll have to find something else to play now ugh…

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If it’s any help my internet provider just reported an outage in my area. And I can’t seem to connect to hotspot. Lol

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Has there been any updates on this issue? Waiting to play is getting annoying, I would at least like to get back on my server i paid for.