People just can't stop complaining

So today the ps4 servers went down as most of you know by now if you’re on PS4(update 6/14 im getting a little impatient just like everyone else. My post is referring to before these servers went down). Funcom tweeted out that they’re aware of this issue and they’re working on getting it resolved. 90% of the comments are just bashing the game and the developers. The complaints are always the same, the game is buggy, the game is trash, the game is laggy, the game is unplayable, and so on and so on. Well they’re all full of it. Yes, I’ve seen a little lag here and there, but tell me about a game that has never lagged. It’s a shame that so many people have so much time on their hands to just complain about nothing. People who play conan on a regular bases know the truth and LOVE this game, its just a shame that people who’ve never played this game see these kind of comments be it from Twitter, YouTube, twitch or whatever a may never experience what Conan has to offer. Sorry for my rant but I seen some comments today that just really ticked me off. So from me and all the other, I just want to say thank you, thank you for this game and all the hard work you’ve all put into it. @Funcom


If the game is so bad, why not just go play another of thousand games out there? It is not like you are foced to play this horrible game. I have no issue quitting any game which is not acceptable as per my standards. On the other hand, I am happy to support games I enjoy both with my wallet and with my time (reporting bugs, testing, offering feedback, etc.).


I am playing other games. But when people like you give million/billion dollar game developers passes on year old issues what do you think is gonna happen. It’ll get better if folks remain silent right? This game is no spring chicken. At this point people should be able to at least login…but go ahead defend it.


This is a solid point. Like, constructive criticism is one thing and welcome but the relentless b!tching is frankly childish. When you’ve found you stepped in $#!t you don’t continually stamp on it to punish it, you walk away.


Some people just like complaining, they’ll never be happy. I remember a time when updates, patches and hot fixes weren’t possible, games remained in whatever state they were released and people accepted that there would be bugs or glitches. Some people have an over inflated sense of entitlement.


Hotfixes do not require certification, and they can be released as soon as possible. Just as FYI.


Thanks for the reminder. I’ve corrected it.


To be fair, this is the first time the game is literally unplayable. That gets thrown around a lot but in this case, it’s actually true.


Which part of the game is unplayable?

you cant join multiplayer it comes up with need PlayStation network to play online its been like this all day for me but i’m in Australia other people since yesterday having this issue


Ok, I’m on xbox and haven’t attempted to play today but in my experience when someone says “the game is unplayable” it’s usually an exaggeration. In this case multiplayer is unplayable on playstation, not the whole game and it seems likely that it’s a problem with playstation/Sony rather than CE and Fcom.


Yeah in this case, I literally cannot join the game, so it happens to be true this time… I agree it is usually overblown hyperbole but right now, my purge meter is slowly decaying and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it…

It’s something specific to Conan because other games have no issues connecting to their servers. Don’t know what broke and why, but I can’t reach my server that I pay $250/yr for. So while yes, I could play SP, that’s not the game experience I pay for so it is in this case only, literally unplayable.


I just checked the PS4 bug report out of curiosity, Funcom are aware and are working on a fix. I had a similar issue a couple of weeks back, nowhere near as bad but was worried about a purge and that made the issue feel worse. I hope you’re all back in action soon :crossed_fingers:

Yeah they were on it last night. It’ll be fine I just need to feed my CE addiction… gettin the shakes.


Well the problem exists now more than 12hours… Funcom is not only located in Oslo, but USA too…

Fixing such a massive issue shouldnt take 12hours. Or even a patch in the first place… Because why should a patch even fix that, when it was working fine since latest update/patch?!


Are you an expert on such things? Where do you get your knowledge of how long it takes to fix issues with games and servers? Problems with technology can occur for all sorts of reasons, and some are more complicated than others.

It’s the nature of the game, people are constantly asking for changes to different parts of the game, each time changes are implemented there’s a risk of unintended and unforeseen side effects. Even less complex systems go wrong and updates to software often result in new bugs. You can’t ask Funcom to add new features and then complain that the changes have had an impact, if you want the bugs to stop then stop asking for changes.


I can live with most bugs myself. This feels like maybe a server communication issue with gportal since we havent had a patch on ps4 in awhile and it was working. My gportal server now reports 1.5 more GB of ram so it seems suggestive.


sams… you only wrote SIX lines and ended up with TWO BUGS

games like Conan Exiles will have 50-100k lines easily (depends on what tools that had to write)

for a 2 year old game, i think they’re doing great.