People just can't stop complaining

Imagine if you and some friends spent days building a really fancy sandcastle on the beach.

Then one day 2 dude’s on an ATV plow right into the side of it. You’re yelling at them, but they put the vehicle back into gear and calmly drive off down the beach. You catch the conversation before they go out of distance…

Guy 1: “Man, people just can’t stop complaining”
Guy 2: “Why don’t they just go play on another of the thousand beachs out there? It is not like you are forced to play on this this horrible beach.”


There’s a slight difference between people intentionally and knowingly making life difficult and issues occurring through unintended events. People complaing about bugs in the game are more in line with people complaining about the tide coming in and washing away the sand castle. Your analogy seems to be more about PvP issues than bugs, which makes it off topic.

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Are you sure? Because consoles have had to wait for hot fixes to be bundled with patches when not considered game breaking. IF they don’t need certs on hotfixes, then why do they hold up those?

People complaining about people complaining. Then tell the complainers of the game they could just go play another game when the complainers of the complainers could have just scrolled past the game complaint. Then a huge pointless discussion ensues. Lmao!!!
That’s why despite the fact that I haven’t been able to play the game in months and my bug report got buried a long time ago with so many others without the issues being addressed, I still show up and read these forums. :smiley:


If you’ve quit playing then why are you still on the forum? Not that there’s anything wrong with non players being on the forum but it’s a bit like staying home and complaining about the food at the restaurant you’re not using.


You’re onto something there with the RAM and gportal. We have a gportal server and for the past couple of weeks something strange was going on with the amount of RAM that was being used by the server. At times ours was using excess amounts of what we had. Gportal has been talking about eliminating the RAM cap on their servers. Could this be related to a failed attempt at that?


Bad faith arguments? I enjoy the game and play it regularly, yeah it sometimes has issues but nothing that makes me want to stop playing.

“People are complaining about problems that I haven’t experienced, so they must be lying.”

I have more than 3000 hours in this game. I played it in EA, I played it after the release and I still play it occasionally, although much less than before.

And with all that time I’ve sunk into it, I’ll tell you that the people complaining here are right to complain and they’re right to be furious about the abhorrent lack of QA and that the people who haven’t played this game deserve to be warned about it.

And everyone else celebrating your post as “positive” should be deeply ashamed of themselves. I’ve seen posts that calmly thank Funcom for all the good work they’ve done. Those are positive posts and they’re good, because everyone deserves praise for the good work they do, not just condemnation of bad work.

Your post? It’s as negative as it gets – you insult and accuse of lying everyone you disagree with and end on a tiny “thank you” note for a positive twist.


that’s a bit irrelevant

de acuerdo contigo

For one they are not a billion company, and they're not the only ones who have service interruptions. Rockstar, COD and many others has had this happen as well. Even entire networks like psn and Microsoft. Remember lizard squad?? psn was down for a very, very long time and they're "billion " companies. At least funcom got on top of right away and reached out to the community. Btw they just tweeted a bit ago that the patch passed the testing and they’re just waiting for sony ti say they can release it.

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Honestly the true real fans of this game are going to complain.

Not because they hate the game.
Not because they hate the devs.
Not because they hate the community leaders.

The true fans actually care about the game and will give the right input that needs to be heard because they want to see the game grow. They don’t sit here and praise them non stop. Praising someone and not giving them any meaningful input doesn’t help them grow. You just get them lost and a big ego.

Just improve communication:

A lot of the issues that people have just stem from the fact that they do not have good communication to us.

If people could just see replies from them saying, “we are working on it” or explaining the situation more than they do, they would get less complaints. You can’t just have people asking a question or for help and not a single community leader or dev responds.


I think, perhaps, the original post needed a bit of polish. It’s not my post so I can’t say for certain but my impression is that @JEMsTV is attempting to address the way in which people choose to express their complaints rather than the fact that they are complaining. Forums can be tricky especially since written communication is easily and often misinterpreted.


Sorry CodeMage but you couldn’t be more wrong on this one. Just because someone has a more positive view than you do does not mean they are insinuating that you or anyone else is lying. That is completely false.

I have logged over 3,000 hours in this game. I have played in EA. And frankly, your utterly bleak outlook is disturbing. But that is your outlook and your are fully entitled to you. I am not going to attempt to dissuade you from it. But considering how much Funcom has improved the game over the years and how much they have added for free I have to disagree that no, they do not have the right to be furious about the supposed lack of QA and all the other crap the hate mongers like to spew. The fact is plain and simple, if you do not enjoy the game or the company that runs it, the door is right over there. Find something else that suites your needs better.

There are plenty of much larger companies out there that have vastly larger budgets that still put out games riddled with even more bugs than Conan Exiles (fallout 76 anyone?).


Now that is a great attitude…

+1 from me for this post

And a big ty from me as well to Fc

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I have over 2500 hours and every one of them with some bug, in fact some of those bugs are still in the game. Are you really going to say improved with a st8 face. Every single update comes with a new bug or brings back an old bug.

Sure I will agree there has been some fun and interesting changes that I have really enjoyed but would have been more fun if it had not come with a new bug or two. People do not complain because they hate the game in that case they would just threw it out window and move on to one that works better, no people complain as they enjoy it and want it to work better.

We have bugs we have had and they fixed, came back with a patch, they fix it , comes back with next patch, npc just are gone never to be seen again, captured thralls float in the air, purge will spawn in side rocks and mountains, thralls just die for no reason while following you, all over the map thralls and animals are fighting with the those in their villages and areas, testlive will not even start unless you do some work around that can if not careful ruin your real game and wipe it out.

Look I love this game I play it a lot thus why I have over 2500 hours but that does not mean it is not broken in some ways and trying to pretend that is not true is not fair to the others who play or just buy it and all of a sudden get hit with bugs that make it so they can not even finish the journey steps because bosses are broken. Asking for more QA is not being a hate monger it is being a consumer who wants the product they brought to work. As for the door , we paid our money too and we have a right to ask for fixes.

Do you really think that anyone who takes their free time to come and report a bug and try and make the game better is being a hate monger , do you think reporting bugs is wrong, really do you think that any of that is wrong, the bottom line is we are all on these forums as we enjoy something in this game and are trying to make it better be it by helping players as for sure CodeMage has helped many on these forums for a long time or be it testing bugs but every single one of us, you , me paid our money and so we have the right to say we are not happy with the problems in the game.

This forums would be so much more healthier if we all just admitted there are issues that need fixed and addressed and open communication would be the first step.

I come on here and try not to comment but wow some times I just wonder why not everyone cares about the bugs or why some here try their best to make those who do care to stop talking about them its like some of you all think if you keep the bugs in the dark they will just go away, sorry but they will not and all that will happen will be we get more bugs.

My two cents!!

Cheers and Stay Safe you all!!


I quite enjoyed this analogy, it made laugh. The irony is that it perfectly encapsulates how I feel about many of the nerfs which we recieve for this game.


They literally said that:

Let that sink in: people who complain about the game being buggy, laggy or unplayable are full of it.

That’s just one little bit in a whole pile of attacks on people who dare complain about what they see as legitimate issues.

So you have a more positive outlook than I do. That’s great. I’ve never attacked people who had that outlook and I expect the same courtesy in return. When I criticize the game, I’m direct and specific. Just because someone hasn’t run into the same bugs or problems or isn’t dissatisfied with the same aspects of the game, that doesn’t give them the right to sling mud at me or anyone else who is.

You’ll notice that I’m not calling everyone who isn’t as dissatisfied “a white knight” or “a Funcom fanboy” or any other derogatory name some people like to use. That’s because that’s another example of what I’m talking about – it’s a crappy, hostile attitude towards a group of people one disagrees with and I don’t condone that, no matter “which side” it comes from.

If you or @JEMsTV have a problem with someone who complained in a specific way, by all means feel free to criticize that particular incident, like I’m doing with the top post here. But lumping everyone who complains in the same sack and calling them “hate mongers”? If that’s your idea of being positive, then we’re using different dictionaries.

The whole point of what I’m saying is that you can be positive without attacking a bunch of people. One doesn’t somehow magically require the other.

The lack of QA isn’t “supposed”, it’s evident in every major release. There hasn’t been a single major release without either a major new bug or a regression of a major old bug. Not necessarily a critical bug that makes the game unplayable, but a noticeable one with important impact. Yes, you can often work around them – including simply not engaging with that part of the game – but the point stands that this is what QA is supposed to catch.

That sounds a bit binary. It seems like you’re saying that I should either enjoy the game and STFU about the problems I run into, or I can GTFO and don’t let the door hit me on my way out.

Or maybe you’re saying it’s okay to complain about the problems, as long as I’m prepared to tolerate the verbal abuse from those who don’t have those problems?

My reply to either of those propositions is too graphic to post here, but use your imagination.

Oh, come on. Are we really going to say that players should shut up about mysteriously dying thralls or bugged bosses just because Bethesda made an absolute shitshow of one of the most anticipated games in the last couple of years? It’s an argument I would expect in a Twitter discussion about politics, not on a forum where we’re trying to talk about how to improve a game we’re playing.


But which update? The one from weeks ago?

Leaving aside the fact that many of the people who complain are people who didn’t ask for changes: yes, we can complain about bugs.

Honestly, that’s why QA exists as a concept. QA doesn’t just mean “a bunch of people we’ll hire as contractors so that we can treat them poorly when they try to do their job”, it means testing your own code and then having other people test it. In software development industry outside game dev industry, we have things like unit tests, integration tests, regression tests, automated testing, CD/CI, etc.

Now, I understand why the game dev industry isn’t at that level yet (and I won’t go into that because it’s off topic), but that’s no reason to say “changes must always bring one or more serious bugs with them”. You said it yourself:

Notice how it’s “go wrong” and “often”, not “are like that” and “always”. And just like there are less complex systems that often have new bug in updates, there are more complex systems where serious bugs are extremely rare.

Bottom line is that there’s a wide, nuanced spectrum of QA practices in software development, and the fact that Funcom is closer to the shallow end of those practices should not be a cause for a vitriolic attack on people who dare say it out loud. :man_shrugging: