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Stop Complaining about everything! Anyone who bought this game knew going in that it was a work in progress. Yes this game has it’s downfalls but what it is makes up for the bugs. Developers have stated this is not and end all fix but something temporary and additional patches will be needed. Almost every game released nowadays has tweaks and fixes that need done and many things need fixed so be patient and just play the game! If you don’t like something they have changed then don’t play! I’m tired of reading posts about people whining because something got changed, this is a survival game. If you can’t even survive the process of fixing the issues devs have run into then I doubt you will be able to survive in the game.

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Right man I strongly agree they cried for the patch now it’s out they still cry and complain. If you follow pc and Xbox you would know this was coming they aren’t done yet look at pc there patches are way ahead of console players. Who ever keeps asking for pets on console go watch test live it’s only on pc STOP asking for pet patch let them work out some of the content before they release that not expecting that anytime soon and rather wait for them to work on it some more.


Would love to be patient and play the game, except the new update crashed everything and the whole game doesnt work now? seems their game can’t even survive the process


I look at games the same way I look at new roller coasters at theme parks. I’m not going to be the first in line but after all the kinks are worked out I’ll be there enjoying it all.

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Last I checked the game is not crashed. You can still get on servers and you can still play the game. Every game has a spike in people playing after patches and in this case the servers got flooded. That accounts for most of the lag and server errors. If you think the game is dead then stop playing it, one less strain on the servers.

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Ahhh nope, wrong. Im glad youre able to get on and check how my playstation and games and working offline though… idiot.

Can’t even get into the game since the update. Including offline and online. Doesnt pass the loading screen to enter ANY server. Call that a minor issue?

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I’m been playing all day non stop single player no crashes what so ever not a single one. What I have experienced is lag here and there especially when I come up to a door freezes up before I can open it and get in not a big deal at the moment. Tommorow I’m love stream all day show you whiners and cry babies what’s up maybe you can learn something.

Im really glad your opinion is more relevant about my issue than the fact I actually can’t get into the game.

10/10 assertion that im whining when I literallly am unable to play a game i paid for? Oh and Im really glad that you streaming your game will prove me ever so wrong and allow me to get through a loading screen…

Mmmm you guys and this dev department seem made for each other. They dont wanna put out properly tested patches and you guys dont care.

Wonderful chatting to you. Its always refreshing to see how desperately stupid the things people say are.


Why are you trying to prove that the patch didnt cause my issue despite having no knowledge of my issue? Are you unable to accept they make mistakes?

Are you specifically trying to divert attention from major issues away from Funcom? Or are you just so stupid you think: “the reality i live is the only one that can exist for anybody including functioning of items and media”. Havent thought of the difference in time place or purchase have you?

You seem paid to just shout positive stuff, but i believe you so im going to go with dumb. I hope the same thing happens to you and they don’t reply to you either. Might teach you a thing or two about empathy and reality.

Either way im having fun finding out how much of a bug denier you are and why that even exists.


I dont know you specific circumstances but I’m on an old beat up and abused 1st Gen PS4 with no issues other than a bit of lag. The only thing about the patch that is a problem to me is not being able to mass skin NPCs for hide. If you spent too much money playing this game then server issues and patches are the least of your worries. Retail with all dlc is roughly $80 without tax. Stop whining and go play Minecraft like the rest of the kiddies.

I wish I was paid to say positive things, then I wouldn’t have to work to make money. I love this game and I will deal with growing pains. In the end if I don’t like how it turns out then I’ll just play something else instead. Easy as pie.

First of all i really enjoy the game I just want it to work. I never said it was bad, I said the patch crashed my game and the devs dont respond (both of which are irrefutable but you both tried anyways).

Second it DID work well until they released this patch.

You keep talking about me playing this or something else missing the fact that im here because I literally cant play.

Im so confused as to why you bug deniers exist, but sure whatever. Keep denying, that will get us to your post-start rollercoaster…

and me in-game…


I think people have a right to complain when the developers state certain changes/fixes in the patch notes, only for these changes/fixes to not be there, that is called giving false information.

Last time I checked complaining about bugs or changes is the best and fastest way to get them fixed, you’d need to be pretty dense to not know developers require player feedback to accurately identify bugs and fix them or see what changes the majority of players are against, even the biggest developers do this, not every bug can be discovered and fixed in testing before a patch goes live.

Your condescending attitude isn’t helping your case either, people have every right to complain when a company offers a product, said company knows there are faults with their product, claims to have fixed said faults and yet they still persist or claims to have made changes when in actuality they haven’t made said changes. Funcom dropped the ball on this patch, no amount of defending them can change that.

I’m sure they will fix some of the problems caused by this patch and some they claimed to have fixed but haven’t, but it’s a matter of when, it won’t be anytime soon at least.


You’re a weird person can I say?
So you buy a new Tv set (or anything), you pay it full price (no indication in the external box of the game saying “not complete game, be patient”) and you expect people not to rant?
Where do you live?
In jellyberry fruit world?


Totally agree, I would like ot add also the reason osme folks complain about issues is the fact that they are passionate and care about the game. If they didnt care they would just leave and not be active. I’ve experainced alot of the issues but not as much as others i played with, they all left the game and went back to Ark and NMS.
@Mysticdash To say dont complain it works for me is the most riduclous thing ive ever read. I also use a old school 1st gen PS4 (only change ive made was to upgrade the HDD) and i suffer.
There are major issues with this product and that is clear when you read across all the forums not just PS4. Im glad some players are fine and are enjoying the game.
I’ve followed the game from EA and did expect bugs, but the issue has got alot worse for me and the game feels more broken than it did on release, this is my experiance. I have not deleted the game and will go back to playing it, hopefully soon but not untill it has fixed. I want this game to succeed as it has such great potential.
Personally i feel that the PS4 is the most neglected of all the versions but thats mainly (imo) to funcoms lack of experiance with this port.


There is a difference between saying hey I have a problem and here is what it is and whining that you spent too much money on a game and start trash talking developers. I am all for people bringing forward bugs but the line has been crossed man. I wish people didn’t have the problems they have with the game but that doesn’t mean flood the forum with trash talking and then getting mad when devs don’t reply. It just eats up their time looking for legitimate issues that need to be fixed.


And I agree funcom and PS4 have not had the best track record haha.


That i can agree with :slight_smile:
One thing to think about, is some of these “complainers” have spent 10s -100s of hours building their base and then get parts of it wiped out due to being built on a triangle foundation (just being used as an aexample). They then come on here angry and write angry. This is where i think most of the complainers are at, there are some trolls but on the most part people are just angry that they have purchased something and its now working how it should and they have lst hours of their personal time. Iknow its a game and all but it has still used their time.

i think a little more dialogue from the devs would go far, it has been good to see more activity since the break and i am hopeful and i also understand that it is a midsize studio that was on the verge of going under, so maybe they cant get the fixes out as quick as larger AAA studios.


I’ve been waiting for it to begin :joy:!
Instead of chatting with users and being responsible for their mistakes, you just need to launch a couple of bots from the old mantra, like the gaming industry: "What are you whining? Do not want to - do not play! Developers are wonderful guys, they are so for you try! "
Who are you arguing with? Look at least the profile of this character :persevere:.

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So are you insisting I am a bot?