Perfomance Issues - When will they finally be fixed?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Performance ]
Region: [Everywhere]

Sooo… It’s been a while since release now. And there is not much Response from developers or community Managers about all the issues we are facing with this game, especially on PS4.

There have been a few Hotfixes and ist good to see that there is at least something Happening. But for me and a lot of other Players the perfomance Problems really are the worst.

They basically make PVP unplayable, since fighting is not fun at all this way.

I find myself playing the game less and less, as I was really hyped at the beginning and am still loving this game, but the constant laggs and constant stuttering really make it unbearable to play over time…

I would be really really really glad if anyone of the community Managers or developers could say something about those perfomance issues. Are you working on it? When will it be fixed? WILL it ever be fixed or is it technically impossible?


I’d like to know this as well.

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The dev activity on the PS4 forums are slim to none. I’m a patient gamer and I know work is being done but a little communication goes a long way.


Pretty sure the DLC was the last cash grab and then they hit the deck. I logged on after 3 gb patch and mobs wouldn’t attack and I couldn’t hit them. I loved this game and what I thought it could be but I lost hope. They don’t care or just don’t know what to do.

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Honestly, It seems both, I know there is no game bug free at launch, but Funcom really takes too long to adress most of the issues.


Remember man, they have a small team on Conan: Exiles and to fix and streamline a game, it takes a lot of money. Now, I am not a game making expert or even have the smallest modicum of knowledge on the topic but it is a hard and tedious process, and I imagine the small team only makes it harder. Not to mention all the people hating on the game despite how far they have come. Could they be ditching the game in the way it is? Possibly, but it is a bit unfair to group of game dev’s in with what EA or many of the bigger gaming companies have been doing.

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I don’t think they are ditching the game. But a dev response of simply a statement of “hey yeah it sucks but we are trying” would go a long way with me. I supported wildcard through the roughness that was playing on PS4. Even bought the PS4 Pro cause it ran Ark better. But I at least need to hear funcom is aware and trying before I can offer support

I don’t think they are abandoning the game either. From what I’ve seen they are trying their hearts out to make it the best it can be. In my eyes this game can be one of the best games in a decade. I can get why people are so upset, but you have to look at more than just the negatives: the positives and the dev’s point of way. Now, I am not justifying the fact of how buggy it was on official release but, a small company and a small team for what they had they did amazing I have lost so much progress to this game (it is infuriating) but I will be defending this game until the Dev’s decide to throw in the towel. I love this game and I am 100% positive that Funcom will be polishing and streamlining this beautiful game into a masterpiece.


Guys every time i play…i’m like damn this sucks…it could be just perfect…
Yes they are slow on bugs i mean the sound glitch is like one simple hotfix…ps4 pro running worse than ps4 ? really ?
But even then i always see my girlfriend saying…u rage about this game but you always come back to it. Im a 34 years old gamer…and this game has potential…crazy…
I remember age of conan…this is Funcom…they make great things but buggy…


I understand your feeling, but unlike you, I gave up playing ps4 after dying with the character again and again because of the game itself and could not even rescue my body because the map was “trolling” me. I was having fun with the game, but I believe there is a limit to all. Another stupid death that could have been avoided.

If Funcom has concrete timeframes to solve problems and it shows that it really has a commitment to bringing a “stable” gaming experience (I’m not talking about mere feedback in a message) - remember I’m talking about something basic in any game - maybe I could be more confident about Conan’s future. In fact, it’s good to consider that if Support was not having enough work for an endless future, it would be great to think that these efforts and resources are being invested in enhancing and expanding the game… not in its “fix” or promises long-term. But an official launch has taken place for various platforms and players are required to participate in a long, indeterminate phase of testing.

The public who invested money does not deserve this.


There has already been a performance patch which did more or less nothing at all. The main issue in my opinion and especially for console is that the UE4 engine isn’t really the best choice for open-world games. It can make games look great but really needs a beefy PC to run at its best.

The other issue is that Funcom do not have a dedicated console team and releasing Conan on PC, Xbox and PS4 all at the same time was a mistake. It would have been better to release on PC first and get that right and then port to console.

I don’t think its an impossible fix to get consoles running at a locked 30fps, with perfect frame pacing and no input lag but its very unlikely.

I really do hope they fix the issues in a timely manner but I honestly don’t see that being a reality. My friends and I bought this when they announced it as a full release expecting a close to finished game and unfortunately I think it will be months still before they get it there. We tried hard to stick through it but we have all moved on now to other games and sadly if it’s not really playable by reddeads release in October we probably won’t be back. It’s unfortunate for funcom because they will miss out on the hundreds of dollars we generally spend on games for dlc and such. I know one of the final straws for a few of my friends was the fact that in the admin panel there is already more dlc qued to be released but we can’t even walk a straight line with out rubber banding.


I agree. I love the game but I am losing interest solely based on Optimization issues… I know DLC and added features will come but I would love to see pure Optimization focus to fix, lag spikes, combat glitches, texture pop-ins and loads more.

I would pay $19.99 right now for a Optimization DLC for PS4, but hey, I have the PC version also of this game and guess what, same problems, all day.


I wouldn’t, and don’t give them any ideas. that shìt should’ve been taken care of in the first couple weeks.

I’m boggled by this company, no one, and I mean NO ONE operates this way in this industry.

Their game -could be- something amazing, but this company is hands down the absolute worst I’ve ever seen.


Pc and xbox had beta testing for nearly a year. They were happy and delivered " finished game" to the ps4 and become more ad focused to pc xbox to get new people. I liked the ad by way.

I am with you…

Yes me too I would expect Dev team or Manager to share a word on this.

We can all understand the difficulties and getting feedback that we have been heard would at least show respect to customers who love and play this great game.



I would go the extra mile to truly demonstrate Funcom’s good faith and commitment to reversing the “current framework.” Rather than simply replying that they are working to improve or fix the game (Bungivision approves this behavior), it is more serious and honest to set deadlines for - finally - delivering a “stable” and “complete” version of the game. Let’s be serious here: how many weeks? If the game is collecting problems and limitations, this is not the fault of the players.

I would like to emphasize again: who should run after the loss is Funcom itself, because this developer did not comply with what it promised to sell. When the consumer paid the “full” price for a “full game”, there was no warning in the advertisement that the game was still in development or in a “perpetual” testing phase. I did not buy this game to embark on an “access early” phase (even because I do not have the patience to play “demo” or something unfinished). If you stop to think, this is even dishonest with the players. What’s more, be consistent and do not even think about selling new dlcs while the “basic” game can not deliver a stable and complete experience. The consumer is an innocent and injured party in this whole story.

As one greek phrase would say: “acts are fruits, words only leaves”.

Wanting the public to be “eternally” patient and perverting is not fair and professional (without deadlines) and, in practice, suggests that Funcom has “freedom” and autonomy to maintain a “partial” and unsatisfactory game in some respects for an indefinite period.

I know that many (bad) developers - however powerful - can only understand one language: money. And they are willing to do almost anything to satisfy their greed, such as cheating and manipulating the very public who buy their own games. Damn microtransactions, lootboxes and other similar bs are popular, which is a shame. But I wish Funcom were different. I would like the company to understand a simple truth: if they deliver a good and stable game this will generate profit on their own merits and there will be more peace and satisfaction for all the people involved, including their own employees; the rush to launch something “unfinished” and with failures in the trade generates consequences and does not contribute anything to the image of Funcom.


Can’t build atm because it places but remain invisible part of my base is unusable since dlc launched had no building issues prior.

This game actually runs worse than it did on launch day. I thought man this is kinda laggy but I am enjoying it so I’ll try to hustle through it. Now it is like wtf man…ps4 can hardly handle conan now. I couldnt even hit some stone yesterday morning and it was just me and 1 other person on the server and it was right after the server reset. Shouldn’t the server run its best after the restart? I spent a lot of time on the game so it’s not wasted money but I sure wish the game could continue without just accumulating more and more bugs.