Dear Funcom thanks for nothing

Dear Funcom,

Thank you for producing this game, I really enjoyed it for the first week or two. Now let me be very straight with you. Over 1.4 million copies have been sold around the world, this means prolly 1 million unsatisfied costumers. I am very unhappy with the game since the patch, you completely wrecked this game. let me tell you why, almost every aspect of the game is broke in some respect. The most important metal in the game (star metal) can hardly even be found, being at max level i depend on this to keep my belongings repaired and to make the cool end game items that i need. I can walk all areas and not even get agro for the most part, this game is on easy mode, I have soloed every major boss in the game minus the undead dragon, which i duoed with my clan mate, I could go on and on and bash the crap out of the way Funcom has handled this train wreck, but I really don’t need to. I can tell you that if these and many more problems do not get fixed soon your clients will leave you and go play something that was made right, and not full of bugs. Playing this game at the moment feels like playing a new beta test. I will continue to play for now but I am very quickly losing interest.

Get your poop in a group you will suffer hard on your fan base if its not fixed soon.

Thank you

Red Sonja


I know. There are tons of frustrated experienced players in this game.

The game is clearly broken in a lot of aspects. Buildings, resources, gears, mobs, thralls, crash, unfinished features, repeating bugs, returning bugs, and all the constantly made new bugs…

And we see that there are always inexperienced players who have no any idea what have been gone with this game for more than a year try to defend Funcom making bunch of bugs in this game.

I would always love to cheer this game and Funcom. Who would like to complain all day? It’s the gaming company who made their veteran gamers to be gone like this.


Don’t use star metal to repair stuff, use master repair kits. they only take a few hardened steel.


I agree that maybe some peoples rigs are not up to snuff for this game, this is not so with me i have a 4k dollar rig that can and has handled anything I can throw at her. The problems seem to be on the official servers, these are issues that every one has on the official servers I play on. I am happy that you dont have any game breaking issues, but I tell you if you dont think the game is to easy after soloing the hardest end game boss, you are an ez moder. How long have you played by the way did you play pre patch, are you playing the solo or online version do you play on a private or a official server, all of these are important as far as the game shattering bugs go.

thanks for the reply


Well played sir, and DOH. lol


Don’t feel bad, this game is a huge challenge. the forums are a great place to get info and youtube of course.

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The main problem with CE is structure/servers!!! Bugs ok you can deal with, but missing servers (so many cases reported), infinite loadscreen (yes we still have this issue in my region), server rollback, etc etc etc. This things are the main reason for my frustration


The problem, is that FC do not have testers/ people inside the office that plays the game (for real), aka testers, the testers are us, and this couldn’t happen, because we paid for a product that was supposed to be finished because it was launched being advertised as such, when in behind the scenes, we’re still in beta, still giving them money for dlc’s.

If people still buy the next dlc’s without them fixing the core features of the game, they will add even more dlc’s because its easier for them to milk the game adding more broken shiny stuff to earn money instead of more work to make the game the way it should be, working!

Now, I never played another game with so poor and low quality servers, even the unpredictable “cloud servers” from GTA Online performs better than G-Portal ones.

And if FC won’t take blame on this, I still blame them for not hiring a company capable of deliverying an “acceptable” quality service. Not providing help, assistance and saying “we don’t take actions on official servers” letting hack abuse is total lack of respect with its costumers, I still only play Conan because I have 4 other friends that do and we’re waiting on Fallout76, because if FC doesn’t reach the minimal acceptance for a game to be enjoyable, (beleive me, as you reading this I had and still have moments of fun and joy) but people are not that patient to balance the scale Fun/Anger when so many bad things happen inside the game and server wise.

Its really a shame to let such potential to a waste, dlc’s and updates may bring some ppl back from time to time, but still bugs, crahes, erros, you name it, won’t never hold even the most loyal player.


Yet, those testers (that are US) report the bugs, and YET the bugs go on live servers, so No, they don’t have testers but their players, and testlive turns out to be a way to see future patches comming to live instead real testing and bug reporting

Obvious statment for every player in the world, but you do not help the development of the game just buying new content if its broken along with the core mechanics, if you like apples, but are somewhat tired of the taste, and someone offers you a rotten orange you still like? If you do, then you’te crazy.

Be smart and get together with the community demanding what we want, a working game. I prefer a working game with limited content than a broken game with new broken content.

If you were an EA player you wouldn’t say that.

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I’ll start off by saying this game has huge potential, if the official servers stop crashing. I lost my entire clan due to the crashes.

Funcom has made many mistakes in the past and present, but they also made a great game. They also listen to your suggestions and watch these forums like a hawk. Maybe they are a little slow to react, but I’m not so sure the USA side can do anything and EU side is on vacation.

I will wait for the next patch and judge them on that, if I update my server and it’s still a dev build I’m out because that means Officials will still be crashing and there is no hope.

If Officials stop crashing, I may be able to get my friends to play again. But their spirits are pretty much broken at this point and all I can do is troll on Official because if I try to do anything serious I will most likely lose whatever it is I’m working on due to a crash, as has happened many times.

Clan of 7 has become a clan of 1. 6 Players gone. Others I’m sure have had a similar experience.

I say thanks for a great game while it lasted and I hope you can turn this ship around, fast. Steam reviews can kill a game quick.

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You’re welcome.

Fight that scorpion boss between mithra feet statue and unnamed city, I dare you


The bugs right now are annoying to me at the worst. I bought this game 3 to 4 weeks ago, and I am in love with it. It satisfies every craving I have in a survival oriented game…except for guns I guess. Though, I wouldn’t want guns in this game. It would just be rust with better crafting, and a Conan skin, and lore. It is sad there are so many bugs as more people would play this game no doubt. Maybe its because I was desperate for an addicting survival based game so I could stop playing rust. I have not experienced anything Id consider game breaking. I think some of it is people with AMD CPU’s, laptops perhaps, or underwhelming gaming rigs. Some of it is we are just a spoiled generation. Some of the complaints I read about are just silly. Mainly the bugs are the biggest issue, but over all. Its still an amazing game. Its good enough to put up with the issues that are at hand. I can wait for fixes. Since I’m still having a blast. Its not perfect, and has room for improvement. But they have been actively working on it. Maybe Im just biased because I finally found a game to get addicted too. idk…maybe Im crazy.

EDIT: I should add Ive never played on official servers. I play on a private server.

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beat his butt like a rented goat, the problem lies with the servers not responding in real time, I don’t believe I can solo him when they fix every thing.

Yes I really like the game as well, I really thought it would be my next big game. The bugs will get fixed I know that, but with the new dlc coming for GTA 5 online I feel its better to put my time there and wait for this to be fixed.

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ya this game makes me want to go back to Ark and I never thought I’d say that again lol. I never thought devs could be worse than those Ark devs, wow!


I dont believe the Devs on this team are bad, I believe they worked hard to get the game out in time, when it did and sold 1.4 million copies in the first week they all got drunk and went on holidays leaving a game barely suited for beta, I am so pissed that I can hardly even play this game it is not even funny any more.


Deal whit game breaking mechanics are the absolutely priority issue on this game , even bugfixing and server performance are secondary , and why do is say that? beacuse we are all on same ground about bugs and sheitty servers BUT exploits and glitchs waste the entire experience , the game became garbage once FC doesnt fix huge broken mechanics for good and also get along whit cheaters , im from shout america, and there is a well know clan doing all kind of “cheats” on official servers , yeah isnt 3rd party software cuz they dont need that to break things up, bcz funcom already cant fix their own game, i can confirm they still do:
-item duplication (only one of their clan member had 1 month vac ban about this one)
-they can do insane jumps by hatch glitc whitout dying so they can raid any tower base
-they can do doorbreach glitch , doesnt matter how many doors/gates u got, for them just doesnt exist
-they had 50 stats glitch until get fixed over a month ago (they abuse since february)
-they knew how to do the hanging glitch (so they get “teleported” upside your base making aticlimb useless)

I have plus 1600hs and know when someone plays legit and these “players” just dont, surely they got expliot bases and new stuff they already figure out on how to break the game, sooo bugs? yes they are long time bugs, new bugs and bugs that were fixed and reapear but we all suffer the same, mostly will be finally fixed at some point, game breaking mechanics are a free roam of cheaters and devs do nothing about it… well they do but sloooowwwwwly (game will be dead before game gets an acceptable state)

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Thanks for the reply. I have seen some weird things on my server as well like some guy had like 60 furnaces, I was a little shocked by this, but didnt think to much about it until this post.


If this is RedSonja from USP Awesome server, you rock!