End of months - patch

Hi Funcom.
It’s 1 week after the month of March, still no patch and no update about it.
This is totally unrespectable.
We spent days on this game and money for no news.
Today another PC patch out and we still without patch. We sure that this patch won’t come out this month even.
Thank You Funcom


When you rush to get things done, they could go wrong

Well this is a rather ignorant comment to make. Especially given the fact that Funcom themselves stated they were going to put out a patch for consoles. But hey, I’m sure you know better than the people who actually work on the game don’t you. So, why don’t you go ahead and buy a shiny new PC for @Effemme94 as well as a copy of the game and all of it’s expansions since hey, that’s what you think the best solution is.


"To lose patience is to lose the battle.” “ Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far.” “Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered, you will find life is easier.” … “ Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

…or maybe not. :rofl:


Yeah what he said

Hello everyone,

We’ve just posted a new message regarding the console situation. You can find more details here

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.


Not sure what anger you think you are talking about but whatever floats your boat. Oh and look, they just posted an update about the patch and what do you know, it’s being held up in certification by SONY and MICROSOFT. But sure, lets get on the Funcom hate train because the update is slightly delayed. Now, take a long look in a mirror there and think long an hard about who is quick to anger. :smile:

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I’m a PC player as well. So what exactly is your point to that statement? What exactly is being projected here other than your ■■■■■■ attitude towards people who play on consoles and then? If anything is getting old, it’s the kind of high and mighty attitude of people like you. “Oh, you don’t play the way I do? What is wrong with you? How dare you complain or expect the company to fix something they have already stated they are working on fixing. Go out and spend thousands of dollars to play the way I do instead.” Not everyone can play on PC, or wants to. Those players do not lose the right to play just because they do not play on the system you personally play on.


He might have sounded rude but in essence hes not completely wrong. Its clear as a day that they don’t give a sh** about console players and only do what is necessary on the most extreme scenarios (ofc thats my opinion based on what i see, not spreading misinformation eh?). Why would anyone subject themselves to that, when they can simply play another game? Thats a good advice in my eyes, don’t waste time with this game :frowning:

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It’s not possibile have a date? This is incredible, it’s already 2 weeks after the month of MARCH month and we are just having general no specific info about certification progress. We deserve to have better info , honestly. I spent 3 years on this game and i feel so teased on your part, reading promises that seem fake and news just to keep us good.

As console users it’s frustrating but not a stand alone occurrence. Any game that gets ported from pc to console is pretty much the same. Pc is the platform it’s designed to run on originally so it’s always going to be behind. Any new content is going to be available for pc months before console so we may as well just relax, enjoy what we have and wait for the greener grass. How we wait is up to the individual. Either let it happen when it happens or get yourself all worked up (which incidentally yields the exact same result just with a dose of bonus stress for free lol) and end up ruining your love of the game.


LOoooool i think our money is as worthfull as pc players money…they took our money happily so what u talking…then don’t sell a game if ur not able to bring it to console

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I think you’re all taking @Darkzavon completely the wrong way. What he’s trying to convey is that this has happened before and will continue to happen. Console has pretty much never been up to date with pc and prob won’t be for the entire life of the game. The only way people will avoid this frustration of feeling second best is indeed to buy a pc and take the issue out of the equation. I don’t think he’s being an elitist or smart ■■■ at all.

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you might be right, but my skin is paper thin today :sunglasses:

yeah I’m offended lol


Maybe Funcom just forgot to click send on their update to Sony and Microsoft lol

It’s just sitting in Drafts, they’ll realize it soon, dont worry lol

Or maybe they haven’t heard back from Sony yet and no amount of “are we there yet” will make them get there faster:


Sure, maybe. But we really have no idea because unfortunately they dont keep people updated. Not everyone is having the “are we there yet” attitude. Some people really just want to know if they [Funcom] are waiting on the updated certification to be approved or are Funcom still tweaking it, nothing wrong with asking for updates when a deadline is consistently pushed back with no new ETA given. We get it, things happen, but just like we are expected to understand, it goes both ways.

For instance, I can rarely get into my PVEC server bc of the infinite loadscreen bug, I mostly would just like to know how much longer I have to use my lunch break for just a CHANCE to enter and refresh, because I can never get in after 5 (when I usually play) so I dont think requesting clear updates is unwarranted.

To be clear, I get what youre saying, some people go too far and complain constantly just because they want something PC has. But wanting to know when they can actually play and not lose all their stuff theyve had for years?.. I see nothing wrong with requesting meaningful updates

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I’m not hypocritical nor do I really care, i came here giving advice, which ended up being not to your liking because it did not suit your perspective. I’ve bought games before that have been abandoned, neglected, and or a waste of money as one can say. You can either get a refund, find a alternative solution, or just learn from the mistake and move on. I shouldn’t be needing to tell you this but life isn’t fair and it will knock you down every chance it gets. Yeah it sucks, yeah you get angry but really what are you a lone person in the world with not enough money to give you any power in this situation going to do about it? You gonna fling insults, lash out, try to burn it all down because you aren’t getting what you want? What will that achieve for you in the end of the day? Nothing but stress and unhappiness. Which as I will quote what i said earlier. Find a different game to make you happy with your friends, and if the game is to addicting or meaningful enough where you refuse to leave go on computer. Because nothing you do or will do will ever change the delay to consoles.

Except they did update people. They even linked said update in this very thread. So how can you claim they don’t update people when they most obviously did?


Like I said, I cant even play, and have to go thru ridiculous methods just to keep stuff ive had for years. Them saying “we have no update for you” after multiple times of missing the deadline, is not an update. Like i also said, i understand things happen, but an issue like infinite loading bug should’ve been a hotfix or something. I literally can not play.

So if we miss one update window, i want to know if they believe itll be the next one or not. I don’t care about being at a parity with PC… I can be patient for that, but each passing week my stuff could be gone, and id like more of an update after a missed window than “we got nothing for ya”

Im not being unreasonable.