How about that parity patch? lmao

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So funcom the parity patch has taken over a week to go throught certification now an haven’t seen anything else on info so how about some real answers on it instead of vague oh it’s coming just keep waiting u guys are doing horrible at supporting consoles at this point really hope that gets better an fast .so when will consoles receive the parity patch ?

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Funcom has responded in another topic that it most likely will not be this week for the patch. They said that they are trying to fix the problems with the building optimizations they had planned and bundle it all as one. Its not yet in certification as it isn’t finished so I assume that will add a day or two aswell.

Please also keep an eye on the official news and announcement section for updates for all platforms.
We’ve made an official post about the console patch.

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An while I appriate that I do not see why console player are kinda like second class citizens in funcom eyes I know u r gonna say that’s not true but I am one of those players an more than a few of us feel this way don’t think all this coming from a place if anger of hate I genuinely love this game but all the issues me an others have been reporting for months with no results it’s very disheartening


In that post, you state that you guys do not have a Test enviroment for console.

Well, I think is time for Funcom to step up the game with consoles, and get a dedicated test enviroment, instead of keeping porting PC contents and fixes that frequently have not satisfactory results.
Now, I don’t know exactly what kind of limitations SONY would pose about this, buy I surely know that other software houses test and certify quickly and more efficiently their console contents.
Honestly, to me looks more Funcom inexperience with console gaming in general than SONY actually being somehow obstructive or lengthy in processing updates.

Or , we should simply give the benefit of doubt to @Chaos31469 when he says that console players are considered B-class citizens by Funcom.


To be frank, PC and consoles should be receiving critical updates like this at the same time. I keep hearing that Sony certification holds things up but plenty of other developers seem to be able to work it out and deploy updates almost simultaneously across multiple platforms.


Test enviroments are constantly being hotfixed, as that is the very nature of what it is for. Even as a test enviroment, Sony and Microsoft would require cert for every change. PC is way more suitable for test environments, as Funcom literally can hotfix/patch it 24/7.

With a test environment, being able to see updates live is imperative to going forward. Having to wait for a cert every time something was tweaked would take longer than just porting an already tested out PC version. Most of the patches have only been a few days apart. As explained in the post linked by Tascha, there are some non related fixes for console they wanted to throw in as well. Can being this a port from PC, the original platform will always be first with patches in general. The original source code was done with PC in mind, and consoles players are lucky to get an ambitious title that isn’t just another FPS respawn fest, twitch shooter.


Explain me this then: how are most other multiplatform developers able to deploy updates accross multiple platforms simultaneously? Your argument about test environments makes no sense either. Funcom should have the necessary tools to create their own private test environment to test their updates in house.

Wow guys. We’re so lucky to have Conan Exiles on our consoles. Without it we wouldn’t have anything worthwhile to play.


They do in house testing. The test server is “stage 2” on most occasions of releasing to a broader audience that can catch things a handful of testers looking for specifics can not. Testing in house is usually done within a structured style of playing and testing rules directly applied to the new code. Test live is basically no rules barred testing, with ideas that may not have occurred to the developers on the new tweaks.

And yes, we are lucky to have game like Conan Exiles on consoles. TBH, in this society of not enjoying what is in front of them, it is hard to please people. Give them a dismantle bench, and inevitably, someone says why can’t it dismantle this or that, or give more resources, or it gives too much. Instead of saying wow, i can dismantle things and get resources i didn’t have before.

And i was not trying to be a know it all with my reply. Was just trying to educate on what i know and have gleamed from responses by people that know more than me on why some things are as they are with testing.

As for other games, please name them, and i am going to guess most (if not all) are not sandbox type games with a lot of unknowns in the db files (unlimited builds from player created structures) that have to be considered in every hot fix/patch released.

Good chance other companies wait till all formats are done so they don’t have to listen to this. By the way I am not happy about Waiting either. Don’t think anyone is.


Oh, i am anxious as i read the pc forums. But it is like waiting for christams from what I am seeing. I run a private server, and i can’t wait to see what the NPC changes do for my admins dungeon runs we are creating.

I used to play destiny 2 still do a bit it is its on all platform an Xbox PlayStation an pic all these platforms receive individual patch notes day of patch an on the same day it’s more rare that a game is patch funcom a way of seperate days than u would think for the sole reason as not seem biased one way or another also keeping ur cumminity more close knit across platforms

Destiny 2 is a very specific genre, and most patches are buffs/nerfs in these type of games. Occasionally a patche will come out prepping for DLC. and as @sestus2009 said, they may delay the patch until all are ready at the same time, as i do not believe most companies do the test live thing where we can actually test what is coming out in a patch as they tweak it before hand.


Agreed u make a very valid point I’m just saying it makes more sense to me that’s a personnel opinion but Alotta games across all genres an platforms release patches when all patches are complete across the board

That would mean holding up something that is ready for another person. I have never liked the idea that i can’t have it, so someone else shouldn’t either. I mean this with no disrespect. It is a real life issue with me, and this falls into that. Why should others good things wait because i can’t have that good thing at the same time? The game is not cross platform play wise, so PC getting the patch first has no effect on me or gives me a disadvantage. I am glad they got it, because i can gleam the comments and learn early on some of the pros and cons, and temper/raise my expectations based on that.

I seriously cant believe I am posting this as it is so not me, but here goes. In light of recent events, I feel that I must poliely and impassionately, now raise some felt causes for concern for the first time since I joined the forum. Anyone who has read my posts knows that I am no troll. I have always been one of Funcoms strongest supporters. I have stated that I like and respect their business model, have encouraged others to remain patient in times of unrest, and have warned about the dangers of a sense of entitlement. However, as a console player myself, for the first time since buying the game back in May, I am genuinely concerned by the current direction things are taking. So I am very sorry, but for the first time I must complain to Funcom about the way things have been proceeding.

To begin, let me say that I dont claim to have a expert knowledge of the difference between patching to PC as opposed to console, aside from the fact that PC is much easier or more workable. The thing which is really starting to concern me at this point however, is the disparty between release times for these patches across the platforms. And to the best of my knowledge, this is the longest one thus far. I remember a time not so long ago now when Funcom stated that they wanted to try and keep the patch releases as close together as possible, to the point of holding one platform’s back, so it could be released around the same time as others. So what happened to that…!? I liked it, as it was construed as fair and equitable. [I am now going to make a number of observations regarding releases, but I can not recall exact dates, and find the ‘announcements’ section more difficult to navigate/understand than the rest of the forum. ***So if I make any errors here PLEASE feel free to let me know or correct them**.*]

The thing is that PC players first recieved the initial ‘Qualty of Life’ patch late last year, around november or december if memory serves me correctly. Console players were told to hang in there, it wont be far behind it. Ok all good. Pc players then recieved the ‘Black Yetti’ patch. Console players were then told the two patches would be released together soon. Argh ok. That was around 3-4 months ago now. Then there were also other smaller additions added to this, while we were reassured that the parity patch for consoles wouldnt be far behind. Now there has been a whole new massive update which adds a ton of content, dungeon, recipes and overhauls the entire Unnamed City. We were told that consoles would be brought up to par as soon as possible, but again I reiterate my point…that was 3 months ago now! Much like a slowly growing list of other players who are ordinarily supportive, I am now beginning to gain the impression that a double standard exists, and we console players are second class citizens. Look I honestly dont care about the new content at this point. But the thing which does bother me is that there are literally dozens, or hundreds of bug fixes which need to be released yesterday. And here is the bottom line behind my argument. Why couldnt we recieve each update seperately like the pc did…!? I personally would have much rathered recieved these updates in regular ‘installments’ like the pc playerbase than saved them all up for one big, much later release. Console players havent recieved a major update since the the Katana update, which made a god awful mess of a game which was finally starting to look good and stabilise at that point (for example, that absurdly annoying kick in building mode bug, thrall feeding pots which still dont function, pickaxes which wont harvest, still no vines exist, and it goes on). And now while pc players are enjoying a cornucopia of fixes and new content we are still being told ‘as soon as we can’, and suffering from the Katana fallout. And I just dont get what has changed so much from this time 5 months ago. Is it a cost saving measure to release them less often? Because as far as I can tell, they dont even sound like they are even any closer to being submitted for certification now than they were 3 months ago.

But then there are other things which drive this train of thought too. For example, offering the Atlantean Sword to people who assist with the testlive. Another bonus that only pc players get. In the interest of fairness, why couldnt console players be extended a similar, yet different offer? For example, by unearthing and reporting previously undiscovered bugs. Sadly, I doubt we will ever get to experience mods either. But that is a seperate issue which I am not too concerned about right at this moment. Oh and did I mention that due to the amount of disparity, I am being hit with ‘spoilers’ for the new content constantly on the forums? But I am trying to avoid it where possibly, so that at least some of the Unnamed City update can still be a surprise. Finally, there are other logistical issues which concern me personally. You see I live in a country where unlimited internet data is far from a sure fire thing. It usually requires line rental and a lock-in contract, and can be quite expensive. For me trying to download such a big, single update will probably result in having to fork out extra money, or downloading it in chunks (this would mean more waiting). Although I acknowledge that most wouldnt have this problem, so think of it as me ‘just putting it out there’. I genuinely hope that I am being unreasonable, but I just cant shake this horrible feeling that something is amiss.

Look, as I stated earlier, I like and respect Funcom and the way they do business, and their kind and friendly staff who listen to our concerns. I am sorry if I sound angry or entitled, because I am certainly not trying to. And please dont worry; I assure you all that I am not going to start hating and trolling now; I havent gone over to the darkside. I promise. However, myself and many others are now understandably concerned, and sliding ever so slowly, closer toward disenfranchised. I feel that I owe both other users and Funcom my honesty on this matter, and not just acting like a yes man or all is normal. And I sincerely and humbly believe that these concerns need to be addressed and acted upon sooner rather than later.

PS- I know that it is difficult to convey emotion and tone through text. So please interpret this message as being spoken in the context I intended; a concerned, polite, constructive tone. Thankyou all for listening.
PPS- Sorry it was so long! Faithful out.


I understand your frustration, but there are a few facts that are off in your timeline since November. The patches and update you saw over the last 3 months have been to test live, not to actual servers. The patch that went out beginning of March was all the test live stuff moved over to live servers. The test live is basically a bug testing way for them to iron out issues early. FUNCM has also stated the console version is getting all the hot fixes you see coming out, plus a few console specific issues which are causing the delay.

On the part that someone else should wait because i didn’t get mine to be fair doesn’t really fly with me. And that is not to disresepct your opinion. But 2 reasons:

  1. PC and consoles do not cross play, so there is no advantage gaming wise.
  2. Wanting someone else to suffer because i have to comes off as selfish. IE, if i work at a company that gives yearly bonuses. They give them out by department. One department has 3 employees, so the manager finish the % breakdown of who gets what bonus quickly. Another has 20 employees in their department, so dividing the budgeted bonus takes more time. Should The bonuses of the others be held up because one takes more time. I would think the employees in the 3 person department would want their bonuses asap, since it does not effect the budget of the other departments bonus.

With all that said, i too am anxious to get my hands on the new content, and understand your frustration. But i don’t want everyone else to wait and not enjoy it if there is no competitive edge.

Hi Croms_Faithful,

I do not mean any disrespect but please do not confuse what the PC testlive servers get and what the PC platform gets.
I do think that it is unacceptable (using a polite word) that the PS4 & Xbox community have had to wait so long to get some very essential fixes - such as the entering combat and punching issue when trying to place building items, requiring work arounds for months simply to build. It’s not like most can just switch to a keyboard like the PC users who like to plug console controls into their PC can.

but to keep it clear what patches went out to live when … here is a comparative summary:
All platforms received this around the same time, late last year:
Automod updater, archery, katana, bug fixes:

we all then got the DLC … and suffered stutter, lag and other bugs … we all got a hotfix just before Christmas:

The TESTLIVE server got the QQL patch just before Christmas so PC players could switch over to that to test it out IF they wanted to … but that won’t transfer over the live game as far am I aware…It certainly doesn’t transfer over to the Official PC live servers as the PC test-live servers provided by Funcom are separate from all PC live servers… Funcom manages them directly … no idea about single player saves or private servers.
the PC platform did get some of the bug fixes and a series of hotfixes before PS4 & Xbox…
Over Christmas there was a flood of reports of crashes and poor performance on a number of official servers …across all platforms… emotions ran high and accusations of ddos attacks and cheaters abounded …this de-railed Funcom’s progress on addressing the test-live feedback as they scrambled to deal with some serious issues… This led to the following two hotfixes for PC:


and about two weeks later a hotfix for atleast the first set of issues went to PS4 and Xbox; perhaps they bundled both together … I’m not sure:

Whilst developing those hotfixes, other parts of the team worked on the test live feedback; they were satisfied they had gotten it right for the pre-Christmas released testlive mechanics …and moved to get the next set of code they wanted tested on to the test live server… this is when they announced that the PC live will get the QQL in early Feb … then internal QA must have finally started experiencing what the player testers had reported all along … ie: spontaneously rearranged building pieces that were not JUST a visual bug …more than one player could see it … building items that were in the wrong place and could be destroyed …but the area where they used to be could still not be run through ie invisible walls… Serious issues that prevented them from releasing the QQL patch for another month…
In the mean time, part of the coding team had finished on the next stage of the game …ie Black Yeti, Unnamed city NPCs & recipes, random elite enemy spawns, VOIP improvements…so they put THAT on TESTLIVE for players to work on whilst some of the coding team tried to figure out the building optimisation bugs …

In the end, they had to separate the code and take that out … BUT the test-live players had given them the feedback they needed to get the Black Yeti, Unnamed city NPCs & recipes random elite NPC spawns, VOIP improvements ready for release … so they could bundle those together and put out at the same time:

To summarise: the PC platform CONTENT updates, as opposed to hotfixes was on 10 December 2018 (Automod updater, archery, katana, bug fixes) and THEN the next was 2 March 2019 (Optimizations, Balancing, Purges, new VOIP and so much more). The PS4 & Xbox received the same hotfixes as far as I can see about 1 or 2 weeks after the PC platform, but you haven’t received the new CONTENT yet. And importantly, the TESTLIVE PC environment is not the PC platform that most of us who play Conan Exiles on PCs play on or want to experience …it’s temporary, it wipes, its full of broken code that frustrates and ruins game play … it often doesn’t get brought up to date with what is finally released to the PC live version until Funcom has another testlive build to test …so people can’t just hang out there full time if they get a DLC that’s not been ported across…or they hotfix the PC live and don’t parity-patch to the testlive.
Since that 2 March 2019 patch release to PC we’ve had THREE hotfixes for issues caused by the patch … one of 4th March, another 5 March and most recently 16 March.

Sorry this is excessively long … but I hope you see that at the end of last year Funcom HAD been releasing PC, PS4 and Xbox patches and hotfixes close together. I hope you see that the PC live server hasn’t had the QQL & Black Yeti for very long …and it’s still bugged … perhaps as these hotfixes happened 24 & 48 hrs after release to PC live they have were incorporated into the console patches needing recertification to start again … speculation on my part of course.


If that is indeed the case WhatMightHaveBeen, I offer my apologies to any and all for any inaccuracies. And I do thankyou for the poilte, and constructive reply. I do know what teslive is and what it actually entails for the record. However, I was under the impression that each of those updates went to testlive, then live in sequence with minimal to no overlap, if you understand what I mean…? As I mentioned in the boldface text with asterixes section, I find the ‘Announcements’ menu and structure to be disorganised and difficult to understand compared to the rest of the forum. God I miss the simplicity and aesthetically pleasing format of the Newsletter to be honest.

I did not say that the PC or any other platform should have to wait, per se. What I do believe is that they should be released respectably close together; ie-within a reasonable timeframe. Because a few weeks to me is perfectly reasonable, but 3-4 months later (just hypothetically now :slight_smile:) would to me be taking the mick. And Im sure that most people on the forum with children can see the logic in this statement. Example, if I had 3 children named pc, ps4 and xbox1. If I were to feed little pc at 5:00pm, but make young ps4 and xb1 wait until 2:30am, they would percieve it as unfair and conflict would arise. Although if it was only half hr or so apart, when they can see Im visibly busy, they would probably understand. I hope that this made sense, it a bit abstract.

But based on your example, they should all get their end of year bonuses around the end of the year, or shortly thereafter new year at worst. Not around tax return time.

But what I was trying to say is that people need to percieve that they are being treated fairly and equitably.

Ps- I also value and respect your opinion on the matter. And oddly enough, they seem to actually be quite similar.


Kwalya are you trying to outdo my really long post above!? How dare you. :wink: Im only kidding of course. In fact I thank you for such polite and comprehensive reply. That is outstanding, and I think you covered everything. I dont know how you managed to put all of that together as quickly as you did. I think that I covered everything I wanted to say as a follow up to your post in my reply to WhatMightHaveBeen. However, I will retrace what I said and clarify too, just to be on the safe side.

No I both have and do actually understand the difference. And while most of those bugs I mentioned (just completely random examples for the record) are no big deal, that kick while in building mode one just really bugs me for some reason.

The problem is that my perceptions of what the various announcements were actually saying was erroneous. I was under the impression that each was brought out of testlive, and given full release to the pc community as the follow up was deployed on testlive. So I basically thought for example, that when the Black Yetti update hit testlive, the Quality of Life update just hit full live, and so on with their successive updates (ie-released in ‘installments’). I genuinely did not realise that they were held back as long as they were (from full release) for the pc community too. In other words, I was under the impression that pc had been playing a fully released QoL update since december now! This now appears to be an error on my part, and as I said previously to WhatMightHaveBeen, I find the structure of the announcements/updates both confusing, and tricky to navigate at times. Especially with them not being listed chronologically by date. I miss the simplicity of the newsletter. But thats just me. As Ive said in the past, Im not that good with technology. Again I apologise to any and all for any false claims or facts I may have stated. It was a genuine mistake, and I did not intend to spread false information.

Furthermore, I actually feel a bit bad now as if pc has only these updates for 2 weeks now, I dont feel that is an unreasonable disparity in release dates between the platforms yet. Frustrating yes, but not unreasonable. Basically as I said in my reply to WhatMightHaveBeen: if it had of been 3-4 months as I did indeed originally think it was, I would be starting to get concerned (as we see in my original post). However I can live with a couple of weeks.

Kwalya thankyou for the time and courtesy you took in explaining all of this to me, that was a big task. And for the record, my posts will be back to their usual positive states. I hope that all of what I was trying to explain made sense…

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