Console update 2.3

So much for console update by the end of the month. does funcoms word even mean anything at this point?

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Nope Scott Junior is a habitual liar at this point. Watch he’ll have every excuse why it didn’t happen.

Its not the end we(depending on where you live) have 2 daysish

It doesn’t matter since Funcom fails to communicate with the community they literally screw themselves. They also said acouple weeks after the PC patch. Guess what PC got 2.3 on March 16 making a couple weeks March 30. Also more proof they lied is PC already has 2.3.1. Where’s the parity now?

Hello everyone,

We’ve posted more details about the upcoming console patch here

As always, thank you for your continued support.

@Dana thanks for the positive update it was much needed

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