Console update date (PS4)

Tired of waiting for a news from funcom, I have created an account to ask directly … Well, we are up to 03/29/2021 … and there is still no date for the update or news. So I ask, when will the update for PS4? I wait for an answer thank you.


Tell me about it, we’ve got over 200 people on our discord asking admins daily (throughout the day)
“when is the update happening?”
And we have zero answers from them because funcom doesn’t respond to anyone?
Surly you have some ideas when it will be?
Surly sony respond to you in a timely and affective manner unlike how you respond to you paying customers??


Sorry mi english.

1 * 200 people I think falls short of the great Consola community.

2 * They said that by the end of the month. Today is 03/29 and the month ends on the 31st. (And still no information) I DO NOT BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

3 * YES Funcom does not respond to the Console community. (But they still receive sales from them) @Community any news?

4 * Sony has nothing to do with Funcom. Any other game is updated for all versions simultaneously. But Conan is SPECIAL. do not?


Sony and Microsoft both have verification processes. PC does not.


I do not understand why they only respond to a PC post … What happens that we on PS4 are :poop:? … it is very frustrating how they ignore us. But to receive our money there if they look for us.


Funcom gave estimate, and your holding there feet to fire on it… wtf. When Sony/MS get back to them… they get back to them, and they’ll tell you.


Every patch its like this… INFO NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW…

Just wait.

Hell if they did reply, there still waiting, you’d be angry it wasn’t new News. Or Copy Pasted auto response. XD

They have control over PC side, They can communicate with ease on whats going on. Consoles have to go thru Sony/MS. Which means there not in loop till there in the loop, which gets passed on to us.

Its Good thing when… they actually catch bad patches. Thou… I don’t know sometimes I wounder how things get past them.


Look, I don’t understand what you’re saying, because I’m Spanish and the translation is terrible … even so, I’m not asking you for an answer, but Funcom. So good afternoon


Pero que sigo sin entender como cualquier otro juego se actualiza sin problema tanto PC & Consola y Conan Exile es especial. (Único) que 1 añito para estar al día y escusas de covid, sony y MS… acaso Xbox no es de MS¿?.

Ya aparece en la web oficial de Funcom “DUNE”.

Que nos van a dar ahora un Conan 2.3 sin siptha a Sony y Xbox y para Octubre ( DUNE film.) Nos vendan siptha 2.3.1¿?.

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update does not come until the end of the month, they just spoke to silence us … and the island can forget, that is far. don’t give a damn.


All Funcom had to do is make a post and Say something like: ‘‘Hey Mfs Sony is being a btch about the new patch and you all gona have to wait a couple more days or maybe weeks for it to be aproved’’.

But they prefer to be in silence and let us expeculate about what in the world is happening and why we not getting the patch.

They sayd they would be more in touch with the community - They failing.
They sayd we would get the update by the end of the month - They failing.


Exactly, that is what more communication is required, I think it is not something that difficult, although for them it seems that it is … well I am very disappointed with Funcom. a shame because I like the game but every day they take away the desire to play it more


I can only say from my small private servers playerbase, so yes for a 30 slot server 200 players is actual a good amount, split between varying time zones and weekday/weekend players.

But yes at one point the console player base was massive and actual overtook ark in popularity. But the way funcom have treated that once booming playerbase and how they continually ignore/delete and fail to address the issues has resulted in that playerbase dwindling, this patch has been viewed by many as a oasis in a vast desert, we have gone a entire year without any content added, the followers patch in September was just a addition to what had been started in April last year. We as a community have been very patient and very forgiving towards funcom but as pointed out this is the last few days of march and the least we are asking for is a update on the cert process.
I would be content if they told us it was taking a little longer than expected. At least then I would have something to say to my server.


that’s. Whatever it is but that they say something … it is much worse what they are doing. not telling anything … all this is very frustrating.

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I wouldn’t want to respond to you either.

Chill out, I’d rather it take longer and actually fix the issues.


pues no respondas, y me relajaré cuando me de la gana ok? solo pido que se comuniquen.

Hello everyone,

We’ve posted more details about the upcoming console patch here

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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So once again we are left waiting past the expected with no set date, many on my server have expressed their frustration at us admins who are left to pick up the fallout.

Honestly it makes the game depressing to play when your constantly asked the same questions that drain us when there’s nothing we can do about the situation we are in.

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Je n’ai jamais vu ça pour un jeu ,au lieu de tout balancer d’un coup pourquoi ne pas faire de mise à jour plus régulièrement comme font d’autre jeux comme gta … nous ça fais depuis un an que l’on joue au même jeu sans contenus supplémentaires pendant que sur pc ils ont régulièrement du contenu, c’est juste inadmissible au départ nous jouons à 10 et maintenant nous sommes plus que 2 ,votre communication et juste horrible et tous mettre sur le dos de ps et xbox et juste lamentable, c’est à vous de prévoir ,et non à nous de subir, votre jeu et terrible mais vous n’êtes pas du tous à la hauteur d’un jeu comme CE ,un conseil vendez votre studio parce que vous ne répondez jamais pas aux attentes des joueurs consoles ou alors rembourser nous,un jeux comme cyberpunk à pris très cher pour moins que ça

At this stage it’s out of funcoms hands. Certification will run its own course without them at the helm. They have been really good at keeping us posted the last month or so. We have waited almost a year with little to no communication from them. It’s a start in the right direction I reckon. Won’t be long now. Hang in there :ok_hand:



People need chill out, and understand how it works. It SUCKS, I know. Thats sadly just how it is. =/