Update question?

Will there be an update for PS4 2.5patch like they have for the PC? I noticed the PC update was 8/19/21.

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Yep, it’s coming to consoles. When is the million dollar question.


As we have been told time and again, updates with Sony are a particularly lengthy process, not just with the approval process but also the configuration of the update itself so that customers don’t have to re-download the entire game in order to update. That in itself is tricky to work out or code, so platform updates are definitely harder than PC. It will be some time before we see it. All you need to do is be patient, trust the process and the fact that Funcom are making progress on it.

Funcom explain this like every time.


I never said the blame was Sony, or Funcom for that matter.

I am pointing out that coding for a platform is more complicated than for a PC.

No blame, just process.

And for the record, Funcom obviously get it right. We have updates that that occur don’t we?

Let’s think positive, and not default to a negative way of thinking all the time.

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Dude have some decency at least instead of slinging insult after insult. This forum is meant to be a fun experience, all you ever do is post negativity. Funcom have created a game that has re-familiarised an entire generation with an aged fantasy icon, and all you can do is throw mud at it.

In your next post try to say something nice about Funcom and their work, without saying something rude or untoward. Create a positive conversation in the Forum.

Let’s see how you go.

Just try.

And there we go.

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I am really happy that I don’t have this problems with the last patch.
But I would like to see fixes for the problems before the patch. Rendering, sound delay
… And many more…

Maybe some people thinking there will be a patch next days but looking into the past we have to wait weeks or month for a fix. So everyone new here have to be patient and just play an other game in the meantime

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I don’t thinks that it’s more complicated.
Everyone has the same hardware. You don’t need to make different builds for different cpu or gpu’s
You have standards and a devkit for menus and so on…
On pc it’s easy to say you need a better hardware and that resolves the problem. On console you can not and that’s the problem… you can not take more recourses than are availible…

Good morning everyone. I can understand both sides of this. Funcom has introduced plenty of bugs :bug:with new updates over the past 3 years I have been playing yet I try being optimistic. Fortunately for my wife and I we aren’t experiencing all the problems others are having at this point other wise I would be complaining loudly. So let all be civil and friendly peace out my friends.


Agree. Let’s stop hating on Funcom please. Let’s use better language when trying to express frustration rather than just outright attacking a great company or their employees. There are a million ways to say criticism without being insulting. It’s important to keep these online spaces friendly, welcoming and intelligent. Otherwise the community won’t grow.

All that comes down to word choice.


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Yes and no the good news for console is that we for the most part have same spec and hardware as all ps4 are the same where as pc have so many different types and hardware and versions that it can be a head ache to use on all pc as so many different systems. Console however can be more difficult as the certification can take time so if something does go wrong it can take weeks to fix and make it better with weeks of certification but with the hardware it’s can only go so far along with they have to play by the rules Sony and Microsoft place that it can be much more time consuming and difficult to fix which is why I never upset about updates breaks the game for any company as it happens. To me it’s an owell 🤷


Thank you for clarifying that.

I accept you have criticism that you wish to offer. This is a good thing. Things don’t improve unless someone presents an antithesis.

But to explain my position, I think I get a little put off by what I think is aggressive word choice. That and also every time I read a post from you, it always seems to be super negative.

May I suggest breaking up your criticism with a complimentary post every now and then? This might help forum readers like myself to see that you are a fan and love the game.

Let’s shake hands and move forward.


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Creo que el problema es una cuestión de actitud, actitud de funcom hacía sus clientes. Realmente si el juego no nos importará no estaríamos aquí, yo ya le hubiera pegado fuego… Espero no tener que hacerlo

It’s coming.

Sometime next year, my guess.

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