The reality about the Update in Consoles

I do not want to say that Funcom lies about what they say, I appreciate that they communicate with the console community but after the announcement of the 2.4 PC update makes it clearer that they will wait to release this update that seems to be very large and thus launch a big update on Consoles, it sounds good at first this idea but if it were with less waiting time and not be more than 6 months of waiting.

To make this clearer, we have at least 2 weeks left at most for the update to arrive on consoles.

I hope I’m wrong…

good just to tell you (fc) that since yesterday my brother and I have deleted your game, on my more than 200 ps games you are the only ones to communicate like that, by drip and always blamed on the others we have already had problems a year ago with your update without forgetting that since 2018 we have had no additional dungeons no additional stories than dlcs of armor or construction, our nervousness is not only with this update but to all of your communication since the start of the game’s release, we love games but too much is enough we did not want a big update all at once but several small like other network games do, all This is to tell you that I no longer expect anything from you and that you have 2 less exiles, good luck for the future but as soon as I see a funcom game I will go my way :frowning: same conan in the game is useless .

Hi folks, these are valid opinions but sometimes I wonder if Funcom are being criticised too harshly?
Granted these opinions are connected to expectations about customer service, but I’m sure I speak obviously when I say that we are levelling opinion against a multi-million dollar company, that sustains a range of products across a wide audience.

My guess is that they are spread thin enough, with a to do list a mile long, and they are working as best they can with the staff they have. And let’s not forget the impact that Covid would have on their productivity. There are many factors behind the scenes.

We should voice our concern sure, but we should also stay supportive and positive about the good work they have done. A patch is coming. It has been delayed, I don’t think this means that they are lying or incompetent.

I work for a company with thousands of employees, and our projects are often subject to revision. It’s a part of the work. It’s just a matter of days before a resubmit is available. Let’s give them time and trust the good work they are doing.

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PC has no Certifaction Purpose, so they can keep chugging along. They have a Sipith In Early Access there, Its gonna get updates way more often, and quicker.

According to other post by staff, consoles are still in certifaction. We got abit to go before we even get Sipitah.

In Delay means there working it. Which is good thing… Like Holy Cow, Sony held it up? FC had make changes? THANK GOD!
I’d really have a working patch, then a rushed one. =3

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It’s delayed because it failed certification.

And by their own admission it failed by a fair bit. Maybe if they released small patches frequently instead of trying to cram more than a years worth of changes into one, it wouldn’t play out like this. I’ve been telling people to be patient and that it’s out of their hands all week. I was wrong :man_shrugging:


Spagetti codes. it’s not the consoles fault. this is spagetti codes. that’s why the update can’t come.

@Darkzombie told you so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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image :joy::joy:

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One of the issues is that patience has already worn thin. If this were the first patch in a couple months, it would be different, but let’s face it, it’s been a very long time since console got updated. Heh, Xbox was left unplayable for how long?
All the time, steady updates were being sent to PC.
I can understand more than a bit of irritation. No paying customer wants to feel like a second class citizen.
Hypothetically, the Tencent Buyout should have pumped additional resources into the system, allowing progress. Yes, there is a pandemic, and we should expect slowdown… But when that slowdown disproportionately affects one group, as opposed to everyone… well, it’s hard to remain civil when one is not being treated with dignity.

Not trying to be unkind, but I more than sympathize with those howling in rage, even if I am trying to be more sedate about the situation.


Sorry that you have left the game, but if you don’t want to play it any more, then that’s your choice, but frankly announcing your departure doesn’t serve any use to anyone.

If your PS4, then there’s no reason to stop playing, find a server with the settings and community you like, or host your own game with your brother and friends, you can host a single player game any time.

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Pas de donjon supplémentaire. Nous jouons pas aux meme jeux alors klael, jhebbal sag. Khari cité englouti la mine de scorpion. Et les dlc. Après depuis 24/08/2020 plus rien