Empty promises (more comunication)

Hello everyone

I don’t understand what is wrong with funcom, I understand that they are busy and so on, but if they are promising players that the update will arrive at the end of march for ps4 players, please do it or don’t say anything about the next updates. People pay money for servers and dlc and expect to get what they have been promised. Not just wait for updates that never come. You care more about pc gamers than console gamers and for what. Pc gamers have more lag than ps4 gamers, I don’t know about xbox gamers, but don’t forget that not everyone plays on pc. If they care more about pc gamers then they should make an exclusive game for pc not for consoles uswel. Please do what you promised or don’t give false information. No one will want to spend their money on a game that already has many server crashes and other lag issues, the game has been released since 2018 and still no progress on the lag issues. Shame on you guys.


Hi @SaKuRa

We’ve posted more details about the upcoming console patch here

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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