Updates for the consoles



I enjoy Conan and spend 2 to 3 hours a night playing PVE or COOP. So, please don’t take this the wrong way…

I feel as though the consoles are truly in the stone age when I see the patches, updates, and support the PC version gets. Pets? Wow looks great when I see it on YouTube, but not on my screen. Critical patches, planned updates, etc… All I’m asking is, will we ever have parity or close to parity? The game cost me as much. The dlc content cost me as much, so why isn’t there the same support.

I love the game and I’ll keep grinding, but I wish I could do more.


Agreed I wish they would set deadlines for updates and adhere to them so we would know when to expect updates it has been a long time since the last update and I’m sure most of the population are either upset, anxious or leaving for other games. Right now all that we have is silence from the devs there is no constant communication which is the first step in appeasing the hordes.


The pets update is to my knowledge still on testlive atm so it’s not available for any pc guys and gals that aren’t playing on testlive. But it should come fairly quickly once it hits pc officially.


I think one of the main problems is communication err the lack of there of. I like the game and I hope the updates for bug fixes start flowing in and pets system. The main issue here is everyone is in the dark they say there will be updates every 4 to 6 weeks and that’s all you get that’s not good enough for any game there should be updates every week and every time they are doing a update. the live streams are a start for content but are lacking since there is not consistency. The test lives are cool but only dedicated to pc which I understand to a extent since that’s where the original coding comes from. But not everyone thinks like me ya got to keep people interested and making people loose hope of bugs getting fixed by lack of communication or when ever bug fixes are gonna roll in makes people bored or give up.


Totally agree I think it’s been over 4 to 6 weeks since I have seen anything on PS4 and getting sick of waiting. The pets update I heard was meant to be out by the end of last month and yet we are left still waiting and wanting more. The game has been out on Xbox for over a year now so surely they would have most of the bugs fixed.


I don’t expect most to be fixed ive played games where there are no bugs what so ever but I do pay a monthly subscription lol. I think if they fix the issue with the lack of communication they will keep much of the player base. Hell fix a bug or two a week and clearly tell everyone what you are doing a head of time and during the process shows progress and the desire from the devs to make the game better for their fan base. right now we are in the dark ages waiting for the messenger on the horse to arrive that might of got kidnaped by bad guys lol


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