Any Weekly Update To Be Expected For This Week (8/12-18/2018)?

I haven’t seen an update for this week, and they usually hit on Wednesdays. Can we expect to have one this week, even if released on Friday??

In particular, I’m looking for an update regarding the PS4 parity patch, that was recently delayed to due cert concerns about its size.

Additionally, I’m looking for an update regarding the time-frame for when the pet/religion/dungeon update will be landing in the game. Last I heard, this update was planned to hit TestLive tomorrow, 8/16/2018. but it would be good to know the time-frame FunCom thinks it will take before it is released.

And any other news will be welcomed :wink:

It’s been up for five+ hours…

I don’t believe you… last activity was 2 days ago, was the EU server maintenance shcedule. Here is what I see in the news and announcements section:

Dude… it’s all over the forums, and must’ve been linked ten times already. Let me find you a link since apparently google is hard…

Thanks for the link, but your attitude is unnecessary, dude.

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You’re welcome

Yeah maybe, but you did say you didn’t believe me, so… maybe it’s just me but before calling someone a liar, I do a minimum of effort to check my facts. Anyway, it’s all good.

I have always relied on the news/announcements section in the forums for the weekly newsletters. The screen shot I included clearly shows the most recent weekly newsletter was not posted there – which was the basis for my disbelief. Never called you a liar – sorry you took it that way. Regardless, thanks again.


Actually, said newsletter is not in the news part of the forum. As that is the first thing to look at for me as well, only google → reddit gave me the answer. They uploaded it, but they forgot to load it into forums like they did with (almost?) every else newsletter.

I’ve been asking the same thing in the last patchnotes-thread as well.

True, but it’s still available. It’s still not on the front page of their blog either (or wasn’t, an hour-ish ago when I last checked).

They didn’t post it here, as they’re trying to hide the fact they’re going to make thralls more “functional” by forcing players to feed them.

Then they can say, “hey we told you guys, look we posted here so most of you guys don’t see it.”

It’s forcing players to pay for their inability to fix their own bugs. No wonder they’re hiding it

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