Conan exiles pet

When will the pet update come to ps4

As soon as sufficient testing and work is complete. It’s on TestLive for PC at this moment so we can get as much feedback as possible. Once that’s done, we can get to work on releasing it. So at this time, we don’t have a date just yet. Thanks for your patience!


I 'd like to remember you that one perk of the survivor branch is getting more resources from “domesticated animals”, that is pretty grotesque: you can’t "farm "animals!

So there was a update today was it the pet update I think pc has it and maybe even change Xbox has it so how come it’s not our for PS4 yet?

PC and Xbone don’t have it yet, it’s still in the testing phase. Today’s patch was a hotfix for the lag that came with the last patch on PS4.

Well okay if that’s the case then it should hurry up and drop I want to Noah ark up in Conan or build a base near the water with a alligator mote

I’m guessing sometime in September or early October is when it will hopefully come out. Based on the last news they posted it looks like they have a bunch to change and update in the test live region based on user feedback. I’m personally okay with waiting an extra month or two for them to get the game in a better state. I’d rather it not get released like we’re in a test region and cause even more bugs to the retail version of the game.


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