Update 34 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo (11.10.2018) – New pet system (PS4)

Come one come all! We have released the second part of the Pets Update for PS4!

The latest free update to Conan Exiles lets you raise and tame the wild beasts of the Exiled Lands. Pets will fight for you, defend your settlements and produce valuable resources while confined to their pet pens. We’re also rolling out some bug fixes and some critical crash fixes.


  • New pet taming system
  • Fixed 2 critical server crashes reported by the community
  • The north-western corner of the Frozen North is accessible again!

Pet system and taming

You asked for it and we are happy to deliver: From today on forward you will be able to tame and raise your very own pet(s). Explore the Exiled Lands with your trusty companion by your side or build a farm to have them produce materials for you.

You will want to start your career as a Beastmaster by building an animal pen for your new future friends. These shelters come in three different tiers and have 5 available pens to hold your animals.

Following this, you will need to obtain a baby or an egg. These can be found in the world, and on certain (rare) vendors so keep your eyes open while you travel! You’ll be able to place your baby pet version into the pen and have them grow into an adult and trusty companion over time.

However, don’t forget to feed and treat them well or you might just end up with a carcass!

While you have a baby animal in your pen, the type of food you offer it will influence your chances to have your baby grow into a greater pet version: A rarer, more powerful and special looking variation.

The new pet system will also introduce the mechanic of thrall feeding. Special Feed boxes and Thrall Pots are available for easier, automatic food distribution to several pets or thralls for those of you who are planning for bigger armies of two and four legged friends.

While keeping your pets happy and fed they will eat any type of food that they can digest. However, feeding them their favorite snacks will grant them temporary buffs.

Very conveniently, live animals will also produce dung, which is used to create compost for your planters.

Even in the sad and unfortunate event of your pet’s untimely death, you can still make use of them. Placing dead pets inside a Liquid Separator will grind them down into blood, bone and hide resources.

Patch notes

New Server Settings

The following new server settings controls pet and thrall hunger:

Enable Hunger System: Thralls ToggleHungerSystemThralls Toggles the hunger system for thralls.
Enable Hunger System: Pets ToggleHungerSystemPets Toggles the hunger system for pets.
Food Nutrition Value FoodNutritionValue The amount of nutrition the companion gain from eating food.
Starvation Time In Minutes StarvationTimeInMinutes The amount of minutes it takes for companion hunger gauges to go from 100 to 0.
Starvation Damage Penalty Cap StarvationDamagePenaltyCap When a companion’s hunger gauge reaches 0, they start taking damage to their health. This value determines how much health can be removed in total, given in percent where 1 means 100% of the health.
Animal Pen Crafting Time Multiplier AnimalPenCraftingTimeMultiplier Multiplies the speed of crafting in animal pens.
Food Container Range multiplier FeedBoxRangeMultiplier Multiplies the distance that Food Containers can feed your companions.
Exclusive Diet ExclusiveDiet Determines whether companions exclusively eat items listed on their diet. Disabled means they will eat any food item, in addition to their diet.

QoL Updates

  • Food will decay very slowly when placed in pet Pens. The higher the tier of the pen, the slower it will decay.
  • Food will also decay very slowly when placed in food dispensers.
  • Added pet and thrall hunger system server settings to the admin panel
  • Pet feeding screen can now be opened from the radial menu
  • We taught the Locust Queen how to fight!
  • The Camel pet is now the proud owner of a backpack
  • Animal pen dung production is now more stable with different pets
  • Fixed several issues with pen crafting
  • Potion of Midnight now has 30 sec decay and cannot be stacked

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to the Volcano boss fight
  • Fixed an attack problem with werewolves
  • Fixed an attack problem with Gorilla boss
  • Fixed a collision problem that would deny access to certain areas in the north
  • Fixed a server crash related to thrall crafting queues (Please note: This will cause your thrall conversion timer to reset, but it will only be a one-time thing)
  • Fixed a bug where the Sunder debuff would remain permanently on a player
  • Fixed a bug where the Avatar of Jhebbal Sag would remain active for longer than set Avatar Lifetime

What a big surprise. It catchs me during a “morning coffe gameplay”, and I didn’t expect the update until the 15th. Thank you Funcom, I cannot wait to return home and tame a black panther :star_struck:


Hopefully dont destroy the Update our buildings.
Last Time was many destroy. For our clan is that Patch the last chance for funcom Conan.
New Dlc and pets but the big mistakes, lags,Bugs again and again…


love the its always sunny reference. Chardee MacDennis for the win

No problem on ps4 working fine. Thanks for the update. Pet cage is huge still trying to locate it to fit


Not a fan of the size of the pen, it’s ridiculously monstrous.

Works fine once you lay the like 72 foundations you need to place it though!

Pets go in, food goes in, pets slowly eat said food.

If only the pen was a little smaller it would be perfect.


This is great and all, but when are y’all going to fix the broken Journey steps? i.e. collect all Lemuriam Lorestones and Collect all giant king Obelisks…

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I know double spawns where bad before this update but it seems to even worse now. Anyone else having this problem? Once was one elephant now there are 4 0_o

Is the Purge Meter going to be unfrozen again, I liked my weekly purges

Bugs first. Purge meter seems to reset every time a I log in. First noticed this after the last update. Before that, purge meter was just always full (but no purges activated). And, gameplay gets very laggy/choppy around bases – seems to be ok out in the wilderness. First noticed this after the last update – I surmise it has something to do with the thrall pots??

Applause second. Thanks for getting the pet update out! I look forward to abducting baby animals and training them into killing and pooping machines. The animal pens are … uhhhh … MASSIVE. The midnight grove dungeon is spectacular. Still waiting to experiment with the Jhebbal Sag religion and night vision. And, come to think of it, I need to try out the new weapon combos and arrows – I’m just so accustomed to my Greatsword during the day, and my axe+torch at night.


Would you be able to switch the hand that you hold bindings in. Torches can no longer be used while dragging thralls, its very annoying given it used to work?

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how do you tame the demonic spider?

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Is it possible to get double swords instead of a throwing axe


Seems my PS4 does not digest the last 2 updates very well. Specifically the last 3 out of 4 times I’ve logged in this week I have been naked with an empty inventory (Official Server 3731)… yup, sure is great fun wasting all your “relaxing” gaming hours only to come back & find that everything you had to grind out (steel weapons & tools, Kambujan armor, etc.) is fkn GONE. Do I seriously have to empty all my gear, armor & inventory into a damn cupboard before I log off every time to prevent this heart ache.
At this point I could give 11 donkey poops less about pets or Jhebbal Sag or whatever when the rudimentary happiness of being able to sustain your achievements is incredibly BROKEN.
I’d love to love this game… it has reams of interest for me but this utter garbage glitch has got to go for good.


There is a possibility your body is being looted every time you log off, considering you are playing on an official server, if it were happening in single player, there would be serious issues there, but there’s too many possible causes when playing on official servers.

I would advise storing your belongings every time you log off on both official and private servers, just to ensure nothing is lost, if it still disappears after that, then it would be a glitch and should be reported, but I still think you are just being looted when you log off.

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I appreciate the reply but unfortunately I don’t believe that will help. I should mention server 3731 is PvE only & I am exiting inside my owned castle with closed doors in the midst of several combat thralls so I don’t believe looting is the cause. Plus, I’ve been playing on this server for weeks & only recently had such “log out & lose everything” issues.
However, I believe I will build yet another cupboard or chest & store most of my inventory for a few logouts, just to confirm.
Thanks again.


so were there servers that were purged because i can not find my server i had just got established and was making home and then i get home from work today first time being able to get on since update and my server is gone yes it was official, server 3519


Will there be a hotfix to event log like PC just got and allow a wider notice area, if not a return to the old way?
If not the old way, suggest removing the player list, as it is a huge advantage for bigger clans doing player counts to decide how/when to raid. Almost makes it a semi-offline raid tactic right now.

Interested, because over the last week, 90% of my gaming time is spent running around my base during raid time, listening for bombs. I am in an active war, and the clan attacking seems to thrive on the fact if no one is home (they are outnumbering us right now 9 to 5 daily), so they can freely bomb away without resistance. It is smart tactic, but never the less, killing the fun i and many of my clan mates were having on the game. I can only imagine if i was a solo player getting greifed right now by bigger clans:/
It is becoming a “chore” that may just drive me to grab all my high values and jump thru the green screen to not let them have it, and take a vacation on another game for a while:/

We are also working on the actual UI for the event log so you can choose via a slider and additional filters what you want to see in the log.

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