Update 34 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo (11.10.2018) – New pet system (PS4)


Couple of problems with thia update. I tamed my first pet, a black panther, that practically followed me home but now when I try to open the investory of any baby animal it simply doesn’t work. Also, I don’t see my animal when its in its pen.

Purge meter nows resets when I log in.

Thralls don’t take food until I open thier inventory


just spied on my neighbors and they have two bears so not sure whats wrong. lol


Tried to farm star metal today goats attack me and no sound or visual when nodes fell and hit box is below ground again but atleast I can farm black ice still. Kinda wish my server wasn’t dead all the other players were japs there bases des pawned today haven’t seen them sence first half of update and they were daily players


why does the contextual controls keep reappearing after selecting to remove them from screen? It’s very annoying to have to remove them everytime.


That has been an issue for quite some time, since the parity update, I think, I’ve just given up trying to hide them and leave them up.


It’s so annoying cause there’s so much crap on the screen.


And what do you devs have against ppl with OCD, huh?! Why is it impossible to stack the large chests or any boxes nice and neat?! They can be stacked perfectly on pc but on consoles it forces you to stack them like youre incompetent.


Considering the attacks with shields and other offhand weapons have a visual trail, are they intended to cause status? If so, they’re not doing that, since the shields have a purple trail, are they meant to inflict sunder?


I just hope funcom can fix this B4 players ask for a refund. It’s so annoying thinking how you died in your base when logging in and more time taking everything off b4 logging out. Pls! Funcom fix this ASAP.


I really want to dissect your claims of fraud, but TBH, i don’t have time. Busy enjoying Conan Exiles too much (even with its technical difficulties:)). When i do get frustrated at games, i step back and remember PONG…and realize I have been given immersive experiences that are sooooooooo much better than that in the current age of gaming.

I will say that calling the CEO a crook is borderline defamation of character…so go ahead and report fraud… i for one will be a witness against that claim if Funcom needs me:)


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There is a new patch out for the PS4 so I’m unpinning this thread. :slight_smile: