Hey People Update PS4?

I want ask for Update on PS4, can anyone say me more to get Update for Conan on PS4?


Is your ps4 connected to the internet? If so go into updates most updates are automatic . Or are you asking for a new patch.

Hey there,

The recent update and hotfixes are PC-only. They ran into some issues with the implementation of Funcom Live Services. A console update will likely follow with the next content update, pending the issues are fixed.

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Anyone here playing on the pve-c server 3051? It just freezes on the loading screen

No i play on PVE-C 3053

Yes i mean when will we get the same update from pc to ps4


Alright. Looking forward to a update myself.

Hey funcom, when will the PlayStation also get a patch

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There is no current ETA for the console patches but our team is working on releasing them as soon as possible.

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What is this ps4 patch for? I been playing the game fine all weekend.

I also am PS4 offical PVE-C


I was in despair.

In my case walls and foundations falling down with nothing recorded in the event log. Inability to remove items from containers and thralls. My wife removed item from benches and dropped to me. Can not swap out weapon for a truncheon had to get help.

sheesh sounds like game breaking stuff going on. I haven’t experienced any of that yet thankfully. A few of the clans on my server have said on discord they lost large chucks of bases even whole bases for no reason logs only say stability lost.

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