PS4 Issues with Conan Exiles after latest update


Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player / Co-op
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Unknown

Bug Description:

Game is unplayable since Age of Sorcery update. In single player and co-op. Game constantly freezing. Sometimes I get a blue screen and booted out completely. There is lagging when going into menus or when new areas are discovered. Some NPCS are invisible as well as decor. Terrain and builds do not fully load in or there is a long lag.

I cannot join friends games or vice versa. We both get PlayStation network errors for no reason.

Bug Reproduction:

I’m just playing like normal. These bugs happen regardless of what I’m doing. They are randomized to my knowledge.


no matter how much we reported, we got nothing in return, not even a response there was “we are working on the bugs” nothing at all, they left us with an unplayable game, whether solo or online, so good


Pretty sad really

I’m actually playing on official european PVE server and it’s playable. It freezes now and them but not as often as on Single Player. I don’t own fully finished and decorated big base yet as well as big ammount of pets and thralls
Maybe that’s why. This is your only chance to play Conan atm. Unless you’ll make backup of your old map. And create a brand new one and play it untill they will fix this issue. Unfortunatley I’m encountering freezing issue for long time. Before 3.0 game let me play for arround 2h before freezing. But if it freezed I was loosing like 40 minutes of gameplay which was really really frustrating.

As for as much as we reported… Bro, no1 even told Funcom exact model of your PlayStation when reporting their issues. You say: “PlayStation 4 Model CUH-1004”, not PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 4 Pro or OG PlayStation or whatever. Did some1 recorded and shared videos of this freezing happening like Funcom asked for? NOPE. So stop crying and be more proffessional about this issue.

@OlSkunGun This is false. People have sent in videos and I am one of them. So many threads on it… are you blind? It’s no surprise they read the threads but the choose to say nothing on the subject


Good to hear some1 did it. I saved bunch of clips myself but damn Sony banned me for 7 days for Live from PlayStation violations so I can’t really upload them from my console. I don’t want to get 2 months ban for something.
Bro, forum got flooded with posts on same issue. It obviously got so damn flooded I had to miss out your reply or topic. People did mess here.
Go on leave links to those threads, videos, topics, I wanna check them out

Why would I do all that extra work when you can do that same thing?

Well, I thought you want to impress me. You said that I’m wrong, prove it lol

I’m not here to impress or prove anyone wrong except for FC of course. There’s literally a new thread about it every few hours .

I just checked my gameplay video captures from my PlayStation 4 console. And I got moment game freezes clearly on a video right now as I write this. So I dunno what the hell are you trying to pull here. If your Conan app won’t instantly crash and blue screen because of freeze you are able to capture video.

Take your own advice and please stop “crying”. Send in your videos because your just pooping out words now

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Can you read?

Thanks Boobie for putting up the fight. I’ve lost 2 bases on pvec servers and kept my head down and grinded the mats to rebuild. However, I’ve lost six kits and been looted once because of freeze and disconnect. Earlier this evening I placed two large chests and they lost stability within two hours bc of a disconnect. The server had a ping of 9999 during this time. Im very frustrated as well. Every update the employees of Funcom disappear. In real life this business would fail, but it’s a game so they’re allowed a pass I guess. Keep it up as I will.


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