Funcom, when can I get back to playing Conan Exiles on PS4?

Game mode: All modes in PS4
Type of issue: all bugs after update 2.4.4
Server type: All servers and game modes
Region: Latin America (Brazil)
Hardware: PS4 Pro

## Bug Description: ALL bugs after update 2.4.4 that made it impossible to play Conan Exiles with graphical and gameplay issues that seriously compromised the experience

## Expected Behavior: That the game works as expected and that the experience is not compromised with each new update (which for us PS4 players seems to take much longer. Patience is not an unlimited resource as like PC and XBox players, we also pay for the game)

## Steps to Reproduce: Try playing Conan Exiles on the PS4 platform.

and please don’t give me the same answer posted in the 2.4.4 patch notes, we deserve a more concrete answer. We respect your developers’ efforts to always provide us with the best experience. It’s only fair that you repay us with the same respect


I’m on a ps4 pro too, the dungeons and the pools are unplayable, ive got a big block base, i cant move around, trying to walk through a door is an ordeal. funcom are looking for staff, obviously there are issues, but guys, this is out of hand

You guys, dont know what is dayz experience lmao

I mean, that costs 30€ and is bugged and glitched everywhere, conan not the best game experience, i know but it isnt unplayable as you say
We need optimizes around but believe me, you can play good, at least, early servers

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Hi your issues might be related to your zone’s servers and or your internet connection speeds.

I live in Australia and play Conan on PS4 Pro and official servers for my zone. The game is playable for me. I experience issues but the game is not unplayable by any long shot.

How do we account for this difference between yours and my experience?

That’s why I’m starting to wonder if your experience is related to the “valleys” I your internet connection. All internet services operate through “peaks and valleys” where download speeds are affected by how many people in your area are using the internet on your same channel, at particular times of the day. Perhaps considering how to switch your internet channel to one with less traffic might present less playing issues…?

Something worth considering?

I switched channels myself and my download speeds changed from 45 to 85 during peak times. Crazy difference!

Plus I no longer started to get issues with the game, which made me realise that my particular issues were internet related.

I am not denying bugs. I’m just saying that the game is playable for me on my PS4 with a few technical adjustments.

Just saying.

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the game had fewer bugs, better performance, and less visual artifacts before april this year.
(before the pre-siptah update, dont remember theversion nr).
I guess this means it was “better before”.
which means, it’s less “playable”, or in other words “fun to play” (subjective, i know) now.

i hope they eventually just decide to split exiled lands and siptah into 2 standalone versions - cos it kinda seems the siptah merge seems to have caused a lot of issues.

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have you tried changing it to performance mode instead of quality?

No idea why they would default it to quality on PS4 :man_facepalming:

Pretty sure allot of problems people are having online are from modded server issues.
any point were ping reaches over 600ms your going to have issues as well…

Offline is another story and its unlikely they will ever get around to fixing allot of the problems people are having on ps4. its just a matter of priority and demand vs supply. and that’s if they can isolate the bug/'s in the first place.

This is PlayStation section of the forum. There are no mods and nearly the same hardware for everyone.

Also I don’t know any performance mode on PlayStation is that new?

Yes Xbox has it too you must be on main screen not in game and it’s in settings change it quit Conan and relaunch it

Oh cool thx.
With performance mode the texture rendering feels a little bit faster. But still not fast enough.

As usual it just depends on what you are around (giant building, large thrall pop, ping etc) but that will improve a little we’re a less cluttered area will/could preform flawlessly too give or take but every little bit helps

Maybe a slider to set the texture resolution would help. I think lower grafics but faster rendering would make me happy. This blur effect sucks