[PS4] So do you plan on fixing anything at some point?

We were supposed to get a patch to fix at least something about a week ago now I believe.
Warpaints are busted.
Thralls are stuck at 102 health and can be murdered by other players on PvE servers because that somehow makes sense.
Items and placed objects just disappear for no apparent reason.
So some sort of support for PS4 would be sweet seeing as Xbox has just recently been blessed by your presence and we’re left here with nothing still.

They know about these issues and are working on them. The patch will be ready when it’s ready. No point in pushing it out early and cause a 100 new bugs to fix 10 old ones.

I do hope it comes out soon though


It was early access and there is a testlive, so yes its exactly that. No one is trying to deny the fact.

I accept these bugs mentioned above, yes this should be fixed but, in my opinion the priority should be on the infinite load screen, there are many players who have not yet been able to enter the server after they have created their bases. I lost 4 members of my group who gave up the game

Be patient. There is a long and stupidly painful process through Sony to get updates in for PS4 games. Smaller studios with limited budgets that have buggy games on release tend to have a rocky time getting things sorted out.

I would be extremely surprised if they did not work on getting these things fixed. Other Funcom titles I’ve observed were still being actively supported a half dozen years or more after release. I doubt this will be any different.


yes, I still believe that the FC will solve these problems, but I would like some return, I invested days on a base and I can not connect anymore to protect it. If I knew an approximate date would stop wasting my time trying to get on the server in question and would go to another fun until they solve

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Thralls don’t heal on Xbox still buggy as in there

The physical edition is not up to date and is missing quite a few elements. In short they delivered an unfinished product.

Lol it wasn’t a blessing, the update did nothing, we are having a easier time playing right now though since everyone is quitting the game and the servers are always less than half full

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