When can we expect some bug fixes?

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Just in general there are bigs being reported here a few times a day, we’re not seeing much if any follow up in them, it’s been over a month since the last patch in PS4 and honestly it’s getting real old real quick.

I’ve lost 10 thralls in the last 2 weeks because the AI has bricked mid combat, I’ve lost another 2 because they just vanished, I’ve lost 1 because it walked into lava and the only response that has addressed any of those issues is a single comment saying that the AI pathing for the next patch should help stop thralls walking into lava.

The level of communication is terrible, it really feels like nobody at funcom actually cares about the console communities anymore

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Hello @Tytan, we usually release console patches shortly after PC, as they have to go through their own certification processes which take longer.

This wasn’t exactly the case this time, as the game has been undergoing some major changes and internal rework to prepare it for certain new features and content, which has effectively delayed our efforts in releasing the console patches.

However, these are currently undergoing testing and validation by the QA team, so although we’re currently unable to provide an ETA, they should be released soon.


Can you tell us anything?

Is the patch at certification?

Is there a plan for how to communicate what’s going on?

Is there a plan for the community team to reply to players enquiring about players breaking the rules?

Do the community team plan to actually reply to posts about bug reports?

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I’m sorry if I come across as angry and unreasonable, but there are some serious bugs messing with the game and I’m dealing with a clan of cheaters at the same time and I don’t seem to be able to get any responses back and honestly it’s frustrating as hell to not hear any news of what’s going on.

I posted a bug and was asked to supply more information but I have no idea if you actually got that information or not because there was no reply, I sent a request for help about cheaters and what sort of evidence I need to have to report them and haven’t heard a reply, I’m reading other people’s posts and they’re having the same thing happen. It doesn’t feel great to be trying to play a game where it feels like you’re being ignored when you report cheaters and bugs


Just re-installed the game for some… nostalgia act or sumthang similar but Big problems came in.
Each time (and I mean each time) I go to rest mode with the PS4 and I restart Cona, the game is freezed to death. Cannot move, cannot open menues, cannot pause, cannot do anythin’ else but close the application and restart form the beginning.

This is the version 1.60, is a massive pack o gigabytes and
includes always new ways to screw the game itself, I really wonder how do you manage to do that guys… really.

i find this response rather disappointing.

if the patch that eventually drops is not as buggy as previous patches, that may help.

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@Tytan We apologize for the unusual delays in our responses, some of the team is currently on summer vacations so we’re currently a bit overwhelmed. We’re hoping for a release within late the next week if all goes well and QA gives us the thumbs up. We’ll also be sure to follow up on your other post.

@Tselem Could you please open a new thread on this issue, stating if it only happens after going into rest mode and the exact steps necessary to reproduce it?


Thanks Hugo, it’s just getting frustrating not knowing what’s going on, especially when it comes to trying to report cheaters


I can’t sorry: I disinstalled the game after a pause of some months, I’ve lost the will to go on with this, 95 GB for a game that is never working as intended has become “too wild” for me.

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i just re read your problem.
It sounds to me like you are saying that you put your PS4 into rest mode when Conan Exiles was still an active application.
If that is in fact the case, I think what my be causing your issue is that the network connection with the application (Conan Exiles) is lost when you put the game into rest mode. If you are connected to a server, actually in a game session, when you put the PS4 into rest mode, your game may still be running but it will have lost its connection to the Server which could result in the application freezing up as you describe.
Even if you are at the Main menu of the game when you put the PS4 into rest mode, the connection to the Server may be lost, which may be the cause of some of the problems you describe.

From my personal experience, see some of my other posts, the network aspects of Conan Exiles are more finicky than most of the applications on the PS4.

To reduce the amount of network issues I have with the game, I do the following things-
Quit the game completely when not playing.
Restart my PS4 at least once a day, to clear any memory clogs, or rogue processes from running.

I know you said you are done with the game, but I posted this here as others may find it useful.


I’m an offline player (so no external server to connect) and I always played CE since the day one without any issue goin’ into rest mode.
But at every single patch (and I mean every single one) the game broke something new, patch after patch this game has become a mammoth (95 GB) but clunky and somehow clumsy.
Lets say that after 2 years I found myself short of patience and I definetly un-installed the game: I had my good vibes at the start (even when main story was bugged and you could not even enter Razma’s house and yes, I still paid this game 70 euros… ) but it is definetly time to move on to other things .

Thank you anyway for the hint.

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