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I signed up just to be able to post this, because I keep reading the forums everyday hoping that someone will finally say “Yes, we are fixing the game for PS4 as well”. This doesn’t seem to happen unfortunately, so before jumping into that let me tell my story with this scam/game:

I bought the game 10 days ago, hoping it would be as amazing as the marketing showed. At first, I thought “wait a bit, don’t want to have another Ark experience”, but since it was a full release, I assumed it would be decent. Not perfect, but decent. Then I started playing… I couldn’t play online because performance is BAD, but decided to play solo. Ok, I was enjoying the game. Plenty of bugs, but well, I was willing to give the devs some opportunity to fix everything.

Then it started getting worse: sound so lagged that it’s better to just turn the volume off and play some music, invisible enemies, the thrall resetting its progress, the glitch with the dancers that makes you invincible and removes all the challenge… And the crashes. On Wednesday it started crashing, and when logging in back some items were gone. Just the fluid press I thought, it’s not so bad. In the next crash, both my wheel of pain and the cupboard (full of equipment) were gone… Again, me, trying to give the devs the benefit of the doubt, I continued. On Friday night, I had another crash, and when logging in, I appeared in the Highlands, where I had never been before (I actually got the trophy thanks to the bug ¬¬), naked, so I rush to my base and it was not there. EVERYTHING was gone. My fighter thrall was actually in the air, since it used to be in the roof. At that moment, I decided to stop playing this garbage.

Now, first things first. I don’t want to be rude, but I have to say it is really hard when this company is blatantly laughing at us and stealing money from every soul investing in the PS4 version:

  • You have the courage to release a PAID DLC, when the game simply cannot be played. This is unbelievable. I keep seeing people defending this move by saying “designers cannot code”, and yes, that is true. I am a Software Engineer and agree with that. BUT: instead of releasing this DLC, keep them busy for longer while you FIX the game, and then release an even better DLC with twice the content and twice the price. This is not an issue of whether it makes sense for you to invest in a DLC, is a matter of respect. You clearly do not respect the players, when you have the balls to release a paid DLC and forcefully show it every time I open the game, instead of fixing it first.

  • In the PS4 issues, it is stated that “This list might easily give you the impression that bugs are abundant in Conan Exiles. It is important to note that some of these issues are only experienced by a small amount of players.”. Again, you show NO respect for the user. Bugs ARE indeed abundant, and trying to deny it is just sad. But what really annoys me, is that you claim that these issues are only experienced by a SMALL amount of players? How do you even dare to say that? The fact that this forum is full of people raising the same issues over and over again, what does that tell you? There might be some hate, and haters gonna hate, but if you read carefully, you will realize that most of the complaints (such as mine), are from people who would actually love to play the game. I don’t want Funcom to disappear because of this game, I want them to fix it, add content to it (once it is 100% fixed), and keep adding as many cosmetic DLCs as possible. But I want to play an enjoyable game, not a pile of garbage that just does not work. For every complaint you have here, you have 1 user who actually cares for the game and 10 users who just decided to stop playing but didn’t care enough to complain, they simply moved on. So don’t go and say “this only happens to a small number of users”, because it is not true. I am here because I want to play the game, I want it fixed, and I paid 50€ for it, same as many people, so we deserve to play.

And that’s it! Please, show some respect. You have messed up pretty badly. Admit it, and fix it. But at the very least, tell us whether you are actively going to fix it or whether you have given up on PS4. That way we can all move on, instead of hoping that it will be fixed.

Thank you, and at the very least, you could give an honest answer instead of “we are looking into it but haven’t found anything”.

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Please check for news and updates on patches in the News and Announcement sections. We want to keep everyone on all platforms as informed as possible. I can understand your frustration but please understand we are working on fixing bugs as quickly as possible but it can take time to make sure it’s done right.

I would also keep an eye on the Dev Tracker so you can see our responses to bugs and issues. Because we have certainly not ignored issues on PS4.


Are you kidding me? You have the whole PS4 forum saying we CANNOT play because everything we do just gets lost, and yesterday you announce that there will not be patches in July because the team is going on vacation. What does “ignore” mean to you?

At first I wanted the game fixed, at this point I just hope you all lose your job (which look like it’s going to happen considering Funcom’s history and what is happening with your player base) so you learn from your mistakes. Hopefully in the future you will release a game that works instead of ripping people off.


I am not even going to lie. I have posted a bunch here since my problems started. But when I read your post I actually started clapping. I could not have said it better. Perfectly articulated. Everything you say is the exact same thing ever other PS4 player is feeling right now. Thank you…

Now to the Dev who just responded. Please dont link the article that says you are going on vacation. That is just messed up buddy. Really you care and arent ignoring us but you are going on mandatory vacation while the non Norway group tries to churn out another game. Pretty screwed up.

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Ok ok I just read Jens Erik post and to be honest I’m a little irate.
WHY? Release a game as finished/polished knowingly that there are tons of bugs and then know that if more presented themselves you had only 2 months to sort before taking time off.

Well done even no man’s sky stayed on and fixed it.
I hope this parity patch for ps4 will sort things out but it sounds like the dlc patch release still waiting on thing from that to be fixed to ie black light shades.

I leave on a positive visual team :heart_eyes: your work. I saw new art, lovely.