PS4 - Thrall Bug update Please?

Any news here on this? Weeks almost up and this was supposed to get patched, this week…which is almost up…did I mention…

Can we have some sort of confirmation or even a new date you guys are aiming for?

I have to say that I really enjoy the concept and the world that you guys have built. Truly. But that can only last so much longer.
I bought some of your shares yesterday and have been following its price for the last week. Seems like it’s shares started to dip, from their high, starting about four days ago. Is that the board members and owners/execs jumping ship and giving up/cashing in? Starting to seem like that, …with nooo updates and the game released with this little testing. I get it. You had stock holders to keep happy and bills to pay. Your company might not recover from that though. Please prove us skeptics wrong.


Do you know if there is a thread that tracks the updates/patches for PS4? I haven’t found one yet. I was also looking for an update regarding this but couldn’t find a patch note page/thread.

Your best bet, it seems, is funcoms twitter page. They have an update for the computer out but no mention of consoles. GL.

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That was the one I was trying to use and make sense of. It seems to be trying to condense multple responses across multiple sites to one site but it just seems chaotic. Thank you for your quick reply. Hopefully there will be an official clear and concise list in the future. :pensive:


Apparently they just announced they are waiting on certification from MS and Sony. Could be today or start of next week

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the SAMURAI_I000 here looking for an answer on this. I’v given them all tips of food and water and nothing can’t even force feed them. what is going on ? Is it a bug or I’m not doing the right thing. HELP

How many more weeks do you all thing we will be waiting for this to be patched? First it was later that week. Then the next week. Then the next week …

Its a big fraud , not deploying patches for ps4 since release … i am 100 % sure that the only thing they gona patch first is the unlimited stamina bug lel , thralls health , delayed sound, invicible npc , invicible weapons, will be fixed next year( who needs that at all lol)