PS4 HOTFIX? what happened?

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how long it will still take to fix the bug 100hp ?? the PC was fixed the next day, one day after the xbox … already in ps4 ???

In all all updates appear bizarre bugs! should not be easy being a game developer, but such recurrence makes it clear that there is a great incompetence on the part of those who make these updates. after so many errors have not yet learned?

I fear what the mount update can cause the game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Buy the game
  2. have fun with the game
  3. be wishful by the announcement of some dlc
  4. cry frustrated by bugs

Don’t freight. They are most definitely working on it. It should be released with the next update. They don’t currently have an ETA, but it’s planned to be released as soon as possible.


I hope so. Awesome game. Not perfect but still awesome.


I’m a PS4 user as well, I’m right here with you guys. I believe they are doing everything that they are currently able to do.

In the meantime take precautionary measures to protect your currently placed Relics, wall the ones you can in. Don’t place any new ones (I myself made this mistake when it first happened).

So, my base is near the nameless city. All of my guards are relic hunters.

Does it cost to block pvp damage until fix it?
It is the right.
I spent days and hours knocking over.
After days going on the warmaker to make the god breaker.
all this to risk losing them for 2 or 3 arrows?

I really like this game! And i dump a lot of hours playing it.
But every, every update comes full of bugs.
Until when this?
In December has a mount update, can you imagine how many errors should come?

its soo bad…

Every update has to go through verification process

Hello @DiogoM, the patch submission process different platforms greatly varies, and even as we submit a simple hotfix to PC, XBOX and PS4, it could take several days for these to be approved on their end, which is a process that is out of our control, unfortunately.

To further clarify on the matter, we’ve submitted this hotfix at about the same timeframe for all platforms, PC’s availability is nearly instant thanks to how Steam works, while XBOX and PS4 always take a few days to process it. In regards to the PS4 fix still not being available, the fix that we submitted initially was stuck in certification so it’s going to be bundled with all other fixes in a bigger patch as soon as possible.


No, the Hotfix to fix only the thralls will NOT come for ps4. It will be bundled with others, which no other plattform had like that…

See Hugos answer.

It will come with a bigger patch. The process for certification is different and more lengthy for PlayStation.
I honestly didn’t misinform anyone. I can give quotes to exactly what I said at the time being the most up to date information available. So I’m not sure what you’re on about.

Says who? Funcom? :smiley: :smiley:

People are asking and waiting for the THRALL hotfix and the thrall hotfix itself WILL not come ALONE.

I know that the hotfix will come bundled with others… But its just a slap in the face for many PS4 users who have many relic hunters. For every other plattform it is already fixed. Was even before the weekend…

I dont really consider it a slap… I consider it.
a. Sony didnt approve it.
b. they busy, I’m sure other communties want patches to. XD

I’m not fully aware of whos testing what… if another patch comes that breaks building or some feature and it takes 3 months to fix it.
I’ll be even less happy.

If having wait a week for better patch… fine. (yes, I’m aware some of you play PVP, and online and risk losing stuff…) I’d rather not get another hot fix that breaks more stuff.

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The hotfix to fix the thralls didnt break anything else…

But yeah, there must be a reason that Sony declined it. To bad they didnt refuse the main patch itself, to turn this game into this sorry state.

Funcom should have never deployed the patch itself. The same with the previous patch…
If your patch needs several hotfixes, within a week, then maybe the original patch was broken to the bones and should have never been to live in that state.

Normaly companies dont release broken things!

And that happened now 2 times in a row… What nightmare will be the mounts-patch? :smiley:

Because IMHO thats the worst part… It looks like they dont learn from failures…

Whats so hard to get one final tester, who just jumps in the game and tests everything with a checklist. Spawn in weapons, to check their legendary effect + atribute points.
Check dmg to building, PvP-arena, etc…
Looking into the crafts menu, if everything needs the correct things

They all do, some major ones do it all time… >_<

10-20man test team verus player base. XD

That we know of??

I’m still angry over punch while building… taking 3+ months to get a fix. And building is one of my fave things to do. XD

Even reported bugs from wak during testlive, were and are still broken in the patch.
Same with previous patch and the AP+dmg kit… -1200 testlive -> reported -> on live it was -1500 and after the hotfix it was -50% durability.

I am not angry, I am disappointed!

I don’t understand the relevance.

Are you submitting hotfixs to PlayStation?

I do empathize with you and all the others affected. I being one amongst you. It’s unfortunate, but the issue is being addressed.

People who ONLY have relic hunters, would say otherwise

Nope… I am admitting apps to PlayStore and AppStore and MS-Store… I know about reviewing processes all to good… Not in Sonys case.

I only have 1 :wink: But some people on the PvE server I play have many of them… One clan which started new last 2weeks ONLY had them (they were not at volcano yet). And they are pissed off.

Which does not help people who are effected by it. A hotfix helps them.

I really would like to have people like you as customers… You are happy with broken things, as long as they are “addressed” :smiley: :smiley:

I had only Relics down at the time. It depends on your demeanor. If you lack self control.

Yet not the reviewing process you are criticizing Funcom about. :no_mouth:

I have a whole room full of Relics.

I am happy with the game overall. It isn’t without flaw, but for the time I’ve spent playing the value is here for me.

I know review processes.
The thing is, no company says NO to an update, just because someone is bored or without a reason. There is always a reason for it…

And now figure out who is responsible for that reason… (it aint Sony)

Yes they are going to give us the full nudity patch???:roll_eyes: