PS4 patch update

Hey gang!

Just wanted to let you guys know that there is still a parity patch coming to the PS4, but we had some issues when going through certification. The patch turned out much larger than anticipated, which meant we couldn’t pass cert. At this point we’re working on reducing the size of the patch and will release it when it clears certification.

Unfortunately we don’t have a more specific ETA, but we felt it was important to keep everyone updated. We will, of course, update you guys when we know more.


So essentially many of the bugs still won’t be fixed due to the need to nerf the size of the update?

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¿ se quitaran las estructuras en edificios del juego?

Don’t worry, we all used to waiting for the game to be fixed, thanks for the “update”

Hi @ll

I hope the update come soon. Love your game and my friends too.

Any update or new date for us when the patch come to PS4 ?

How could the patch have been too big? I’ve had games on PS4 have patches exceeding 20GB in size, surely it couldn’t have been bigger than that.


Ya. I agree with last poster. Wth…sounds fishy. Can you give us a number?

A nice list of PS4 PAtch sizes over the years.

TL:DR Cross section of the biggest patches :slight_smile:

Game title Patch size (megs) Version
Destiny (all editions including TTK Bundles) 32678.7 1.33
Destiny 2 21359.9 1.22
Elder Scrolls Online 60521.9 1.37
Gran Turismo Sport 29440.6 1.24
Grand Theft Auto V 20340.1 1.29
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 19293.5 1.62
Tom Clancy’s The Division 23519.9 1.2
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Xbox patch was also delayed because of “technical problems”. The rest of the announcement was the same as ours.

Sounds like patch is just broken.

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If the patch is broken, as it is really seeming, why didn’t they just say that rather than lying to us? Not exactly a good way to retain trust with consumers, as an above post proves (and backs up my previous claim) that a good amount of games on PS4 have had gargantuan patches.

Can you please be a little more up front next time? If the patch is broken, then say it, I think most of us are willing to wait a bit longer for the patch to ensure it’s fully functional and won’t break anything.


Since you’re curious, it was around 35+ gigs and Sony wouldn’t allow us to release a patch of that size.

The speculations about the patches “being broken” is exactly that: speculation. Sometimes unforeseen stuff happens and we’re forced to roll with it, but if the patch was “broken” we would tell you.


Thanks for your reply. Two questions: what is the estimated new date? I have no clue about how cert works and how long it usually takes. Is it expected to be like today or tomorrow, or more towards Friday?

And… having to break it down means it will be split into 2 different patches (or more) and parity will not be 100% until the last patch happens, or not necessarily?


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Well if the patch was that large, perhaps there was unnecessary material. For instance how about you scrap the pet idea in light of the crippling lag and blue screen issues? The game is barely playable on console as it is. Two DLC updates without a single bug fix. Now you’re worrying about a game-ruining feature like pets and mounts. Just fix the game dude. Game is awesome if it wasnt a beta version released too early.


No need to take it on the pet system. There are people who are waiting for it (like me). If they patch the game correctly, that will be enough.
But I really would like to know when and how. That would be interesting.

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Wow 35 gb, that’s quite the patch. Nobody is happy about the delay but they seem to be actually working hard on making the game better finally. Lets have some patience (our middle name) and see what transpires later this week.

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Why would Sony not allow you to release a patch of that size when other developers have released patches much larger? As pointed out in a previous post, one Elder Scrolls Online patch alone was over 60GB in size. Is it something like the patch can’t exceed the base game’s size by a set margin or something like that?

You forgot to include the gigantic Kingdom Come Deliverance patches.

Im sorry but the size of the patch frankly fills me with dread considering the less than stellar track record with previous efforts. I might be wrong (Hope so) but I suspect it will be painful.

This patch will be the worst patch we have had to move all of our stuff into vaults under the water because the patch notes on what can and can’t be built on doesn’t give much detail i

Apparently everything will be untouched unless you have underwater vaults, they are going to be destroyed.