Relic hunters are bugged out since the new update

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

The relic hunter treasure seekers are bugged out at the moment. It says that they’re performers with 100 HP. I accidentally killed one earlier because I didn’t know about this. Another annoying thing about this new bug is that the whole inventory (including armor) is gone. You can still see the thrall wearing godbreaker armor but it says “armor value: 0”. You can’t see the armor in his inventory, but if you look at him, you can clearly see it.

This is leaving not just my base but also many other PvP bases very vulnerable.

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It’s also happening on PC btw.

Hello @tobi04, the team is aware and this issue has already been patched on PC, the hotfix will be landing on the consoles as soon as possible.

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Game mode: [Online pvp
Problem: missing armour. 100 hp

Relic hunters broken? Please fix this ASAP I potentially might quit the game over this

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

So hello this is wierd my treasure seeker has transformed into a performer ?? . As you can see by the pics I’ve lost the armor and sword of crom which he had, I have reset nothing. Anyone else experience this is it fixable. I can open the wheel but he won’t follow I cant move him either. I have found a second thrall the rest are fine the two both are wearing the warmaker armor one the champion the other godbreaker.

Official server # 3566 Psn I’d Ganjika_420

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in thrall changed
2.reset didnt reset same thing

There is several threads on this. They know, and have released a hot fix on PC, and are working to get the consoles hot fixed asap. Consoles take more time, as they have to go thru Sony/Microsoft for certification first. So it may be next week, it may Friday. Depends one the red tape process once they send it in.

Yeah well, why releasing test versions if they don’t test it by themselfs anyways.
First time and it won’t stay by 1 time, history repeats.

I think they did test the new update themselves but they can’t look at all the stuff that’s already implemented in the game. This is usually what the testlife servers are used for. I don’t know why it didn’t work out this time.

Thank you for the answer @Hugo.

I’ve heard about this in the Q&A-Stream today (or maybe yesterday, not sure :upside_down_face:).

That’s nice to hear eventhough I play on PS4. I’ve it’s already been patched there, they’ve probably found the “mistake” and are able to fix it soon. It’s really nice that they managed to so this that quick.

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So they will be fixing all the Thralls like this. Not just n PVP, but on PVE as well. I have a couple Volcano Thralls that it has happen to and it can be issues when it comes time for a purge.

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Which ones?

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All my thralls are making noise and when i even fight npc, no more conversation in between. This is really bad.

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Really? I’ve only heard about relic hunters having these bugs. I’ve got several Erii the ravagers and Kisthis Flesheaters and they work perfectly fine.

It’s a bug which will be fixed soon.

This will also be removed in the next hotfix.

I have also noticed this but I don’t have any information if this was intended or not (but I think it isn’t).

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Game mode: [Online | Multi player PVE]
Problem: [BUG ]
Region: [USA]

I discovered my Relic Hunter glitched & fubared. Wearing champion armor & Sword of Crom. He is showing up as a performer with 100 health and less useful than a paper weight. I can’t loot him, move him, or get him to follow. This has happened to other players on Official server #3754 as well.
I’d share the screenshots but as a new user here it won’t let me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It is a bug that is being fixed. Done on PC consoles must clear Sony and Microsoft. Keep him safe till then.

As @sestus2009 said, the funcom team is already working on it. Lead Designer Alex said it will be ready soon. I expect the patch to come to consoles on monday.

Don’t worry everyone, try to keep your Relic Hunters safe. They have fixed the issue already, and consoles will receive the hotfix next week!
It has been confirmed, all armor, and weapons will be restored. However, unfortunately any dead RH will be feasting in Valhalla for all eternity.

There is an issue with female voices that should hopefully be fixed too.

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Do you already know when the patch to fix the relic hunters will be available for PS4?

Exactly what i also want to know. When exactly is the day. Nextweek has so many days in it. We cannot really play with all of this going on. It is already getting tiring. If the hotfix is ready “WHY THE DELAY” We PS4 users would like to know.