Relic Thrall appear to be broken

Game mode: online 1588 official server
Type of issue: Bug? don’t know if this is intentional
Server type: PVP
Region: NA

[Describe the bug here]

Relic hunter thralls already place whether fighter/archer, appear as performers now with 100 hp, can’t follow or be relplace and lost all gear/weapons given to them.
Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


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Hey everybody,

To those of you who’ve found your thralls without their gear, don’t worry. We’ve identified the issue. The gear isn’t gone and it’s still kept in the database.
We have fixed the problem and plan to release a fix as soon as we can.
To reiterate, no gear has been lost.
Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.


Works for me now - Relic hunters do not appear as “Performers” now and their gear is here.

OK. The thralls have all their gear and HP back, but now they hit like wet noodles. I have mine running around Sep farming named armorers and I can kill the NPC faster with a RESOURCE GATHERING BUILD. I mean, all my stats are dumped into survival and encumbrance and I am still killing things faster. The thrall has a starmetal great sword and she could one or two shot the NPC’s before all this mess. Now they aren’t even doing full damage of the weapon.

this is terrible, it has been just about a week and no effort to fix the problem

It must be nice to ‘see’ the efforts of the devs. Perhaps you refer to ‘effect’?

Complex issues involve many things to fix correctly. Posting accusations? Not so much.



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even new place relic hunters are still turning to performers

English teacher, this is terrible doesn’t refer to any person, rather the situation.

thanks you

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Hey @Angel_Of_Redemption

The issue has been fixed on PC. In case it still happens please check if there’s any mod interfering with this fix.

The HP problem was fixed but the thralls still only do a fraction of the damage they used to. I just tested it and am not running any mods. The thrall used to run through Sep and could kill things in 3 - 4 hits, not it takes three times as many. My Slave Taker III’s do more damage and have 2K less HP.

They are still broken.

Welcome to the community, sorry it’s been a rocky start. You answered the previous post about Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers doing less damage, from which there were some replies. I don’t want you to feel unwelcome, it’s just we try to keep threads on-topic, and based on your responses you seem capable of rhetorical sideroads. Player to player, their damage potential would be a useful side thread.

I searched around these forums and everyone’s talking about how it’s fixed but from my server all of my treasure Seekers are still performers and I can’t access any of their gear server 35-22 PVE conflict is there like a time frame or release date cuz all of my best gear is on my thralls and right now it’s totally unusable

When will this issue be addressed with the ps4 console because im still experiencing this problem

It’ll be released as a part of a bigger patch as soon as we can. The hotfix got stuck in certification so we couldn’t deliver it as we did in other platforms.

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its been a week you have already fixed PC and Xbox 1 of this problem i looked on the game system PS4 has more people playing conan exiles then all the rest why make them wait

I am truly sorry you folks are having the problems you are, but unfortunately the PS4 guys are the holdup.



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