Multiple bugs! Whens next patch?

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [all?]

The “Tusk” trophy is a hyena head once completed and ready to place, also the name is weird coding language. Cant seem to find shaleback hatchling shells and ive been farming for days. Giant spiders near silkwood are gnlitchy and random af. Cant target grey rhinos. Sometimes when I attack prospective Thralls they dont take damage which can lead to player death

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I don t know if you guys figured this out yet or not, but Funcom isn’t the most communicative of developers, in fact they might be the least.

They better get in on the fu<king ball though before conan exiles turns into No Man’s Sky v2.0

PS4 players don’t play that shìt

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Thats just not true at all. They are active in this forum and very active on twitter + posting updates on the blog. What else can you possible want? And we all know that they are currently working on the next patch (should be released next week) which includes fixes for things like slaves not regenerating health and other stuff. In the meantime they are looking into several server problems and other important stuff currently happening.

So no, what you said is just incorrect.


They said the thralls issue would be fixed this week. Not a word for 8 days since they mentioned that. Don’t get me wrong they have been really on the ball regarding how to pay to rent a server though.

I haven’t lost hope that they are indeed working on it. It would just be nice to have more frequent updates

Of course they have been, that’s more money in their pocket.

And yeah, active on the forums until it comes time to put their money where their mouth is.
I see patches I see no notes. I see “various bug fixes and crash issues.”

Yeah? What bugs? What glitches? What should I be on the look out for, or try that I’ve been holding off on because it’s been broken and could potentially halt my gameplay?

Being active and being informative are two entirely different things.

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Maybe we should open with a question on how we would donate more coin to them, then hit them with some questions on state of console fixes.

Just read the update on PC, saying servers are going down for a patch and they are looking at consoles late next week. Not being funny here or anything but if i promised an update on a project at work then during the week it was promised i just shrugged it off “yeah looking at it next week maybe” my boss would s**t a moose!

Just a hotfix for the Thralls i would be happy for the weekend.

Or at the very least disable purges until thralls are fixed.

The main problem for me is the insane lag/freeze in combat, animations and some places that have houses

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The Game has bugs, for sure.
But at the moment it looks like, that they are actively working on fixing bugs (eg bringing Anti-AFK to PC today is a BIG step forward for the players on official servers).

I have no previous experience with a Funcom Game, but the Game is playable in most parts and looks very promising.
But that is just my opinion :slight_smile:

I agree for the most part. It looks really promising and I am certain Funcom are working to fix the issues. This game has so much going for it already.

Something as broken as thralls not healing when you need them to defend bases could use a quick hotfix though. I can wait for bigger updates for weeks but things I’m sure could be fixed with a very simple small hotfix could be dropped sooner

We’re working on fixing a lot of issues, and there’s a lot of stuff happening that is unfortunately invisible to players. We’re listening and working hard on fixing as much as we can, but the priorities might seem odd if you are personally struggling with a particular issue. But this does not mean that we’re ignoring it.

I hope that you can understand and appreciate that patches need to be done with a high degree of carefulness now that the game has released. Any hotfixing needs to be evaluated very carefully, as any change has the potential for breaking things. Even with a lot of QA work going into every patch, there is no competing with the ingenuity of players to discover bugs. Potentially game-breaking ones.

So whipping out a “quick fix” to a particular issue might seem like a good idea, but the potential of any unforeseen side-effect happening makes that a very tough call to make. We’re simply not willing to risk all your buildings, thralls or items disappearing or something else breaking to get an untested fix out.

Thus patching issues takes time, but we’ll get to them in the end. Your reports are highly appreciated, and posting your concerns like this gives us great insight into where the priorities should be shifted. So thank you for you feedback :slight_smile:


I totally support funcom! I didnt intend for the thread to get hijacked by a bunch of salt miners! You wanted us to report, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Ive always loved Robert e Howard’s Conan and the universe in which it takes place. If you asked my clan, I totally squealed like a child at their Christmas when I discovered Thoth-Amon of the Ring had found his ring of Set here in the exiled lands. I roleplay as wolfrend, the son of Conn, son of Conan on a rp server, and my clan name is the Free Companions after Conans mercenary corps! Why, while exploring the ruins of Xel-ha we hit a sandstorm and night had fallen, the four of us took shelter beneath the giant tree at penitents crossing and I couldnt help but notice the similarities from the story “iron shadows of the moon”. Not having torches, we made a campfire, healed up with food, and waited out the night. I ended up summarising iron shadows of the moon (especially the part with the gorrila and the parrot) and once the sun had risen we set out again on our ranging mission. AND THEN WE WERE ATTACKED BY GORILLAS AND JUNGLE BIRDS!!! it was cussin’ fantastic! We weren’t even role-playing! I was just explaining the similarities! (Everyone was flipping out and we thought thevwhite humanoid gorillas were the iron golems from the story) we realized we WERE role-playing, and I had just recited a story about my grandfather on a long-done adventure. It was easily one of the greatest online experiences ive ever had! Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next patch!!

Oh, before I forget, its just cosmetic, but the iron bars have a more silvery icon and the steel is darker like black metal. in real life, iron is very dark while steel is much more shiny. Just saying

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My problem is that the PS4 doesnt seems to support the game graphic and particles… It is near unplayable, cuz the game is getting huge fps drops in combat… Is almost a lottery… Almost everything makes the game freezes for 1 sec… In this moment on PS4 the game is Far from smooth… when you kill a NPC human… Omg First the NPC drops dead, then It reappear with the arms open in the air naked… And then appear on the floor dead. ALL of this followed by a Ton of fps drop or lag that makes the screen freeze sometimes for 2 secs… This is by Far the most annoying problem for me.

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I appreciate the response. I know these things take time. Honestly was getting a little worried consoles were just going to be ignored over PC.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Not ignored, but definitely taking a back seat.

Which to be honest, this has been in early access for PC and Xbox for a while, so they know what to expect. But PS4 is a new market for this game, so you’d think there would be a little more sense of urgency to make a better first impression.

Guess not.

I don’t know what you guys consider priority but my game froze in single player and I’ve been locked out ever since. Considering I bought the game for single player I’m not a happy camper.

Reminds me of ps4 updates when you check the update log

“- various fixes”

Honestly, I don’t know how they didn’t conceive of an afk timer…sucks that they waste time on something that should have been done long ago.

The real issue is that releasing the game opened the floodgates to all these bug reports that they (apparently) had no idea existed and I kind of doubt their team is able to handle all of them. I’m fairly certain within 1 or perhaps 2 months, the game will be playable for those with high expectations.

They will lose players, DEFINITELY. But, as long as they have a community of masochistic sycophants and they keep the threshold of players needed; they can keep doing a sub par job. Because, we are filling their coffers and boycotts are HARD to organize, especially among argumentative gamers.

Idk If u guys know that But, Every patch and hotfix that need to be released, Sony charge for It Very expensively. So dont expect to ■■■■■■ released these patches without any Care.