Playstation bugs (severe)

Conan on Playstation is having major issues. Enemies are invisible, base items are also invisible when trying to place ladders, fluid presses etc.
When building tree house on non-farmable trees, the tree dissapears leaving your base suspended in mid air. It now crashes, unconcious npcs dissapear if you walk away for even a second.
Graphics dont render properly leaving shadows of npcs and animals hair looking like thick rectangles. Dancers now have begun to cause corruption while also removing it at the same time, which is incredibly strange.
This game now has major issues, hopefully it can be resolved quickly. I was very excited to play the new update on my days off this weekend. So sad to see it in such disrepair. Guess I’ll have to make new plans. :sob:

A patch just came out that addresss a lot of issues. Although still seem to be crashing in base

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Was the patch just released today?


Is it intentional for thralls to die after removing the bracelet

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