Bugs that need addressed

Game mode: Online, Private server, PVE
Problems: Lag, missing name tags, NPC Thralls turning all male and white hair, even the females, Blood Splatters on screen and logging in to half health, every single day. Even inside a house. Weather resistance in vitality working only half the time. Thrall pets missing name tags and standing half inside the ground. NPC archers when on follow as a companion, get stuck in standing pose and follow you in portal pattern, never walking. Building parts disappearing completely, but you can walk on the floor tiles and bump into walls as if they are still there. Have had the server professionally reset by the devs and it has not fixed any of these problems. We took a chance and bought this game recently, hoping after all this time, most of these types of bugs would be fixed. Is anyone working on them? I noticed the blood splatter is a long standing issue that has not been resolved. Hope you look into this. No point in paying for a server when it’s difficult to play because of both cosmetic and playability bugs.
Region: Everywhere. Currently in the North, near the aqueduct.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Not sure what is causing any of these issues, so can not give any steps. They simply started happening.

I am having all these issues as well, but i’m Offline, Private server, PVE
I just got it on PS4, I hope there is a fix coming soon.

  • Issues I am having.
    1- Crash Blue Screen [Dash Board], when Joining friends server when 2 or more players are active.
    (I have screens of it) Only happens after I create a Clan and Claim land, and log out.
    When I come back it it crashes my Game. (When I get to the I in Exiles) logo.

They are putting out a couple of patches soon that are aimed at these issues. Day one player. They are pretty steadily fixing problems. Gotta have faith and yes I am having these problems. Funny thing about it sitting next to my wife I blue screen she’s running pretty smooth don’t understand.

Hey there,

Thanks for your feedback. Would it be possible to post these issues in different threads so we can track them more easily?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yup and this has been going on since launch and it’s coming up on a year since release hope they actually test there patches on console and not just pc port it over still play the game but might have to invest in a new pc as the mods on there are way too cool AoC adds so much to the game that will probably never be seen on console. Good luck with your game sucks that you crash like after months since release.

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