Thralls & Pet Problems

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So I seem to remember this happening awhile ago, but have recently become very aware of a massive problem regarding both Thralls & Pets (Any & All).
It seems when i am in combat with either a Thrall or Pet helping and i pan the screen to another enemy or anywhere other than keeping my Thrall / Pet and what it is attacking on my screen = they stop doing any damage to their target :flushed:

I have tried this online & offline and specifically sat there rinsing and repeating the process for hours to confirm my worries. There is the very, very, very rare occasion that the target will take a small amount of damage, but otherwise if i look away from the fight = enemies take no damage, but my Thrall / Pet does…

This is extremely broken and hinders combat with multiple enemies on screen. As i almost always play solo = not having this function properly is yet another massive problem i don’t see many addressing, let alone Funcom.

I know you all are a small team, but my god i find 10-20 bugs and larger issues with your PS4 port per week + i often post them and honestly = i do not work for your company in a game testing capacity = do the due diligence and hire some permanent testers and if you already do… They are truly not doing their jobs or you just can’t fix your game and are keeping this info to yourselves.

Please as i always say in my posts… Please no more content of any kind until you can honestly admit + address + fix the long list of problems with your game (as much as i truly want more content badly) i am damn near positive it will only add to the long list of problems and honestly push your game ever closer to unplayable.

I often ignore vast amounts of glaring issues in this game and have had large amounts of friends & clanmates leave Conan Exiles for good due to not only the constant issues, but the length of time you had to address them and never do. I want to believe in this game getting better and the fact that you all @ Funcom do care, but this is not the reality currently :unamused:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load Game.
  2. Play Game.
  3. This problem and all problems are always there.
  4. Trust me it’s completely on your end, so please don’t shift blame to my hardware or internet :unamused:

I remember not long ago you make a similar post. I am really sorry you didn’t found solution yet. I hope you will. :+1:

Hello @Rawflux, thank you for bringing this up, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into.

Could you also share at what distance(s) does this issue usually happen?

Does it happen regardless of your character’s involvement in combat with the follower’s target?

I’d say, in general, that NPC cease to inflict/absorb dmg far beyond a certain distance.
I was followed by the giant spider not so far from the black galleon area, it arrived and started to fight against black hand pirates around there.
I exploited the “immense A.I.” by climbing a cage and watched the spider and the pirated battling each other. The battle went over for over 15 minutes (I was actually eating a snack in the meantime) without suffering any loss (spider or pirates), when I simply moved to the battle close enough the spider killed the pirates in a single shot (as it usually does) and started to chase me again.
So I presume that all the battles out of a “certain range” (?) are damageless.

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That makes sense you see a named thralls battle crocodile watch then run up to wack with truncheon thralls killed by crocodile. Will have to test this.

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From my experience: Undead serpentman/Skeleton (Serpentman) are by far the worst. If you are ~7m away, your thrall does not make any dmg at all. See that quite often during my Wine Cellar runs.

Same with worldboss scorpion. Humans, at least the one in New Asagarth arent that much of a problem. My thrall kills them just fine, even offscreen.

So I wouldnt say it is only a certain range, but also certain enemies.


I’ve not had it happen recently but my thralls would attack enemies that are meant to be underground.

Some, like the wights in the cemetery near the Barrow king, spawn in and stand still until you get closer then they sink into the ground. When underground your hitbox is unreachable but followers don’t know that.

Many of the enemies in the wine cellar are supposed to be underground as a sort of a trap and I even remember watching videos from Firespark where followers would derp out and attack unreachable targets.

They weird thing is that the enemies will spawn in because they are inside drawn distance and then go underground as you get closer sometimes not even doing that but still acting like they are underground.

The other issues may be related to wonky hit boxes. I know it seems like my followers aren’t the most accurate fighters (because they love to take the nearsighted perk).

This is a problem at purge time to. If you are off line and you are depending on you thralls. In fackt! You cant be off line at the purge time (18:00 - 22:00) becouse of this thing. Ur bildning wil be destroyd.
Ther is another problem as well. So many times ust stay there and do NOTHING :rage:

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