Thralls/pets doesnt work

I play on a private server with some friends, and yes I know this is Conan Exiles and there has always been issues with the game. However Thralls/pets seem to not work hardly at all. I set them on follow and leave, and all they will do is stand there and when I get really far away they just teleport. They do not follow period. I have had to pick them up and move and guard after I have went back to get them, just to get them back to the base. At the Base they will attack if enemies get into range, but to take them out into the world, Is more work maintaining them and getting no use out of them.

Others on the server have experienced the same issues. At this point Fighter thralls, archers, pets, are useless to take out into the world to fight along side you or to even spend the time to level them because you cant take them into the world.

Has anyone else noticed this issue and does anyone know if this is an issue that funcom is working?

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Rampant thrall and AI problems were introduced many months ago in patch 2.2 and have been all but ignored since then. Continuing to play the game is fairly pointless if you value working thralls and AI. The game is just building and exploring at this point, just about everything else is broken.

I have a few aggravating yet minor issues with thralls/pets. I play solo so this may be a server issue. They follow me fine most of the time. Some times they get stuck, once and a while they get stubborn and stay where they are; not even teleport. But stop following grab a different thrall and they are fine when I get back.
Now other stuff is like going in to attack mode but not attacking, or standing there while I get beat on, or not draw a weapon and just go right to boxing lol But they are not consistent enough for me to figure out a cause or steps to repeat it.

I will say if you file a good bug report here they will respond impressively fast, fixing it on the other hand. Come on, it’s funcom. Part of their reputation is legacy bugs.

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