Thralls + Pets no longer telporting to player, but following, always stuck

Game mode: Online private | Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

[Describe the bug here]

Before the “thrall update” thralls and pets did teleport to player when too far away.
Now they have a very long distance to follow by foot before the game decides to teleport.
As such thralls and pets always get stuck in every rock and tree, as the ai is too stupid to make it around. Before I could just run and the thrall/pet ways always there, now I have to run with the eyes directed back to see if the “idiot” is still there or got stuck again, run back, mov the thrall/pet with move+guard OUT of the rock or tree and set to follow again. This is extremely annoying as I have to focus on my follower instead the game. Singleplayer is completely unplayable, except completely ignoring there are thralls and pets. Already lost 4 named thralls to this.
Btw since the patch, all thralls and pets love to fall below ground…


Hey @Valtaya

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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You knew this already the monday after the update, it should have been fixed by now. its increadible… hahahaha

What is hahahaha here?
I understand this as you are mocking me, thinking what I said was ridiculous.
Thrall/pets are a major feature of the game. You, actualy noone, can tell me this issue was not noticed in testing. If it was, the testing is crap and needs HUGE (actualy gigantic) improvement. If your “patch” breaks a major feature of the game, you better have a hotfix ready in few days, maybe even a full fix. If not, you revert to an older build. My dev company would go out of business if we would do this to our customers. Heck, all companies I know would run into very very major problems when something like this happening. I have no idea why so many people give gamedevs a pass when such things happen.

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