Thrall bug. Thrall don't wanna follow

After adding Thrall and placed it thrall don’t want to follow can only change deffending position.
don’t wanna follow you

Sometimes, you need to follow/unfollow/follow if its still not working try to kick the thrall.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your message. Can you please share the server number where you experienced the issue?

Also, if possible, could you record a short video displaying the actions you took while trying to make the follower accompany you?

We await your reply.

Sadly this is one of the many problems I am having as well. Often they will just glitch out and stand still then warp towards me randomly. Never tried to kick the pets before. I will have to try that as well as the follow/unfollow/follow thing. They also almost refuse to attack, but I think some of my problems I am having is due to my Conan ID as for some reason it’s upside down?

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Some of the bugs, the attack problem, I had this one long ago after changing the weapon of my thrall in the middle of a fight… its mostly correct itself after a server restart… But its been a while since I didnt have this bug… your conan ID is upside down? I do not know this bug…

For me, if this problem happen again, I will try to make a video about it, also I will ask to my player on my server about it :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile:

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