Following Thrall won't always follow

I’m in official server, 3558. The thrall that is following me, isn’t following me. For some reason they end up being stuck and won’t respawn next to me like they should and when I tell them to move, it says they can’t reach the location. I have to literally go to their location to get them.


You should try the stop command, and then return. Sometimes you need to engage in combat, and then they will show up.

Good Luck!

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I hate to tell you, but that “bug” has been on the PC version for MONTHS. It has gotten so bad, I hardly use my thralls any longer. Having one “follow” me into my base is risky business as it is likely to get stuck in the architecture; I have to pick it up and set it down. It usually takes a few tries to get it back in and set down.

Come from the opposite side of the thrall and issue the move command. Break any stones right near where your follower is standing.

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