Thralls and pets refuses to follow Bettter thralls 2.02 mod

Before update to 3.0 I had no problems, had Bettter thralls 2.02 mod installed
After: whenever i want a Pet or Thrall to follow me it just says: Thrall/pet name refuses to follow fischerman (my steam account name)
I have tried to make a new Thrall/pet both with and without Better Thralls installed.
Without any results
Anyone encountered this too?

having almost same issue only difference my message says (my character name) refuses to follow.
name changes on alt character. can still assess inventory and move the thrall and even give emotes and change behavior they simply will not follow

Im also having the same problem with the thrall being called my name and wont follow

Just hopping in to say this is happening for people without this mod, or any thrall effecting mods.

I have this issue for some reason when i have the mod Dudes_Creative_Constructions made by TheDude, when i removed from load order everything works fine. i dont know why and i dont have better thralls instaled

Me too. I experince it with my own mod only though. But I did edit my own thrall proffesion tables.
regardless, not even vanilla thralls can follow - it also says my player name when refusing to follow.

Same here, but then one of them finally followed me. No other ones will. Then one started following a Shaleback and one just started walking away saying that it was returning home.

I spent over 8 hours building a companion today and the bugs are making themselves known in different ways. Sometimes the Thrall no longer follows and another time he no longer attacks, but remains permanently in defensive posture with shield and one-handed weapon. I also noticed, when attacking, that it sometimes takes a very long time for Thrall to start an action. To breathe life back into the Thrall, no longer follow, place in place and guard. I quit the game and connect to the server again. Now the Thrall does everything again, for a while.

The emotes menu has no function at all for my thrall.<

Sorry after one hour break, restart server, restart completely the game, the emotes menu is working. Checked this menu now at first, nothing else. But the reaction time until the emote is executed takes up to five seconds. I will check this again, it seems, if the thrall get in fight and after them, the emote menu does not run anymore.

One more point about thrall (yogitten sherpa t3 carrier) : if i take away his shield and leave him with only the one-handed weapon, he doesn’t seem to have the mysterious bug “no more fighting, only defensive stance”.

This is an issue with a mod and not the core game. This is something that has to be addressed by the author of the mod.