Issues with pets and thrall AI


Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [EU]

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  1. The thralls, animals and mounts follow the player too close (doesn’t matter the follow distance set). It’s really annoying having an elephant that stops above your head and cause the impossibility to move. It happens often when fighting preventing any action by the player such has walking or dodging. Sometimes the only alternative is to log off and re-login again.

  2. Thralls still stop attacking sometimes. They take out the sword but no attack. Sometimes they also freeze watching the player fighting the enemy without taking any action.

  3. Archers has the bad habit to continue moving backward when firing arrows, wasting a lot of time. If the thrall is positioned at the top of a wall this cause also their impossibility to shoot the target. When the enemy is insight they take the bow and start going backward, at this point the enemy is out of sight, the thrall return back into position, see the enemy again and start with this loop, going back, out of sight, return to position.

  4. “Go there” and “Stop” commands are useless. When given the Thrall follows the order but immediately come back to the player sticked as near as possible.

Hello @liquidand, please open one post per issue in case there are none currently available, as specified in our guidelines:

Hello @Hugo. Ok, I thinked this would help you having 1 post with multiple issues.

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